Twitch streaming is returning to the Xbox dashboard

Microsoft has brought back Twitch streaming integration into the Xbox dashboard. In 2014, Twitch was integrated directly into the Xbox One dashboard. It used the Snap interface to allow users to stream to Twitch directly. It is now integrated into the Xbox Guide interface with webcam support and similar integration.
The new integration is available to Alpha and Skip-Ahead Xbox Xbox testers. It's simple to use. You can adjust the volume of your game or microphone, add party audio from friends, as well as view a list with viewers and how long you have been streaming.

Twitch integration allows you to change bitrates and resolutions between 360p at 500kbps, 1080p @ 6500kbps, and 360p at 500kbps. Microsoft supports USB webcams and most plug-and play ones should be able to work with Twitch streaming.

Twitch had Xbox streaming support within its own app. However, integration into the dashboard is a welcomed return after Microsoft removed its Snap feature. Twitch integration was also removed in 2017. After Microsoft has tested the integration with Xbox testers, we expect this new Twitch integration will be widely released over the next few months.