It’s Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary and we need more Lara Croft

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Today marks the 25th anniversary for Tomb Raider's launch. It was the debut game by Lara Croft, gaming's most well-known female character. It is unclear when we will see her again in a full triple A game as the milestone event has passed.

Lara Croft was a huge success when she first appeared on the scene in 1996. Her beauty and intelligence made her a big hit. She has proven her influence and staying power 25 years later. She was a role model for a whole new generation of confident heroines.

Lara is still an integral part of gaming, even after playing 14 games. It is a little disappointing that Square Enix doesn't have a new mainline Tomb Raider title to share with us. However, we have hope for her future.

Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the game, said it is working on a new installment in the series. Will Kerslake, Tomb Raider franchise director, spoke briefly about the future plans for the series during the community update video. Kerslake stated that the future plan is to unify two Tomb Raider timelines, Lara's older, more experienced self and her younger, greener counterpart from the most recent trilogy. It will be a while before we learn more about the future plans.

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We would love to have a better understanding of her future in gaming on the occasion of Lara's anniversary. The only game we can look forward to at the moment is Tomb Raider Reloaded. This action puzzler will be available on mobile devices next year. Square Enix also released Definitive Survivor Trilogy this year, a collection of Lara's most recent adventures as well as a Tomb Raider Cookbook.

Although a cookbook is not food for a Tomb Raider-starved player, it is still an interesting look at the places Lara visited during her journeys. Once the 30th anniversary arrives, we can all hope to have a new game.