Y: The Last Man Just Set the Table for an Epic Finale

The secret is out. It's not that Y: the Last Man won't be picked-up by FX on Hulu for season 2, though that is true. Yorick Brown is still alive, and his mother, the p resident, has covered it up. The Daughters of the Amazon also have an idea. They didn't know the full extent of their discovery, but they did get a great origin story. All this leads to next week's season one and possibly series finale.

This week, however, we had the ninth and penultimate episodes of Season 9, Peppers. It brought together all the stories with the Last Man, who is the central figure of them all.

The episode's main theme is what's going on at the Pentagon. The episode ended with the realization that Yorick Schnetzer (Ben Schnetzer), the former First Lady (Paris Jefferson), had actually died by suicide. She and Regina Oliver (Jennifer Wigmore), the rightful President, have decided to stage an coup. They tell President Browns' (Diane Lane), staff that Brown had been keeping her son alive. It takes some time before she finally admits that it was true. Although she believes keeping the secret was the right decision, no one else is willing to believe her. Brown is about be removed and stripped of all her power when Beth, Yoricks ex girlfriend (Juliana Canfield), who was leading an invasion of the Pentagon, comes back onto the scene. Literally.

They use an underground bomb to gain entry into the building. All hell breaks loose. Beth and her friends quickly capture President Brown, Regina and Kim. They didn't expect a p residential power battle to take place in the middle. One of the women kills Regina in frustration. This is a result Beth and her friends were not prepared for. It is worth noting that the whole sequence felt very familiar considering the attacks on the U.S. Capitol earlier in the year. After more chaos that included protestors from the outside trying to get into the building, the military trying defend it and the original invaders getting in, more people died. Kimberly then knifed a woman to save Christine (Jess Salgueiro), and Beth got President Brown out... just after Beth discovered Yorick is still alive.

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The episode was over, but there were many more. The least interesting segment was Yorick (Ashley Romans), Dr. Mann (Diana Bang). They are still living in the community of escaped prisoners, and they seem to be getting along well. Dr. Mann has a crush. Yorick gets manicured. 355 has flashbacks to her childhood. She was a younger girl and later a woman with mental health problems. It is possible that the main characters may feel too secure at the moment, and things could quickly go wrong. This is especially true with the Daughters of the Amazon segment.


The Daughters of the Amazon destroy their home and invade a small group of women who choose to grieve the loss of their husbands. They have an installation that contains male voices, places for sharing memories, and drawings of survivors that women have seen. Roxanne (Missy Pyle), Nora (Marin Ireland), and Roxanne (Missy Hyle) discuss their new alliance. They should use the raid for supplies. Roxanne is so mad at Roxanne that they just destroy everything. Nora (Olivia Thirlby), and Hero (Olivia Thirlby), are forced to reevaluate their choices. The episode's title, Peppers, is a story Nora tells about how they have to choose between two peppers. However, the choices she makes, as well as those of everyone else, are crucial. It was almost clear that Nora views herself as a green pepper. This could make her a little more timid. Hero, on the other hand, could appear more aggressive. The truth is that they are both the same inside. These titles have nothing to do with the episode's plot, but they are important.


Roxanne and the Daughters have finished their raid. Roxanne decided that their next task should not be to search for a new home. Roxanne should hunt down and kill any men she believes are still out there. Nora believes that this is a terrible idea until she discovers that one of the men is near her. A town that has electricity. When she shows the drawing of the rumored man, it is obvious that Yorick is the artist. The town they are going to invade is run by heavily armed convicts. Oh, no!

These were the main beats of Peppers. But the best moments were the small details, l ike Yorick dancing to TLCs No Scrubs with 355 and Yorick worrying about his sperm count. The Daughters of the Amazon storming the women like Lord of the Rings. Kimberly's horrible close-ups are not to be forgotten. Peppers was very active in moving the pieces to a spot on the board where Y. The Last Man can have an epic, dramatic finale. It is obvious that the story isn't being told at a speed where everything can be finished soon. Fingers crossed that next week will be the last one. Just in case.


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