'Rust' assistant director once urged an actor to do an unsafe stunt that led to him getting hit in the eye with a projectile, former colleagues say

Creed Bratton. Chelsea Lauren/Getty
According to a search warrant, Alec Baldwin was given the prop firearm by Dave Halls, 'Rust" assistant director.

Halls' oversight over safety measures for 'Rust,' and other projects was questioned by the incident.

Insider was told by former colleagues of Halls' that he once forced actor Creed Bratton into an unsafe stunt against the objections of crew members.

Alec Baldwin was killed by the film's cinematographer when the "Rust" assistant director gave him the prop firearm. Two people who worked on the show said that the actor was pushed to perform a stunt for "Into the Dark" on Hulu.

Baldwin fired the gun during a Thursday rehearsal at "Rust" in New Mexico, injuring Joel Souza, and killing Halyna Hutchens, the movie's cinematographer.

According to an affidavit filed by Santa Fe Sheriff's office, assistant director David Halls gave Baldwin Baldwin the gun. It was then handled by Hannah Gutierrez who is on-set as an armorer. According to the warrant affidavit, Halls shouted "cold gun" meaning that there were no live ammunition in the weapon.

Mamie Mitchell, script supervisor, also blamed the assistant director for the shooting accident in a 911 call. He claimed he was "supposed" to check the guns and that he is responsible.

Former colleagues say that Halls didn't do it again.

Melissa Low Lyon, a former on-set dressing for "Into the Dark," said to Insider that Halls pushed Creed Bratton (of the "The Office") fame to perform a stunt in which his character was supposed be shot in the head.

According to Lyon and another crew member who spoke under anonymity as they continue to work on the show, Bratton and the crew objected to the stunt.

Lyon stated that the special effects team used a blowgun for "Culture Shock" to create an episode. She said it has a "very inaccurate aim". Lyon claimed that the gun was intended to project a projectile onto Bratton’s head to give it the appearance of he had been shot with an actual gun.

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Lyon and another crew member said that several people had voiced concerns about Halls' stunt. Lyon stated that Bratton objected to the stunt but Halls insisted on the scene moving forward.

Lyon said that Creed expressed concern as he stated that 'it'sn't going to get my eyes is it'. "And then, as soon as it happened he said 'I knew it'."

Lyon stated that most assistant directors with whom she's worked have listened to safety concerns raised by crew members. However, she felt the environment Halls created was unstable and rushed. She felt that things didn't get done right because of the fast pace Halls set.

Lyon stated that Dave is very confrontational and doesn't want anyone to listen. He'll just do things the same way he did with Rust, grab it and do it himself.

Halls did not respond to Insider's Monday request for comment. Insider also requested comment from Bratton and Blumhouse, the production house behind "Into the Dark."

Halls's coworkers from other projects also had complaints about his conduct on set. NBC News was told by a prop maker that he had "not maintained a safe working environment."

This aerial photo depicts the Bonanza Creek Ranch, Santa Fe, N.M. on Saturday, October 23, 2021. Officials said that Alec Baldwin, an actor, fired a gun at the ranch's set of a Western film being shot on Thursday, October 21. He killed the cinematographer. Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

Insider spoke with Danny Hulsey about his former job as second assistant director for "The Pale Door" and how Halls treated him.

Hulsey stated that Halls, the assistant director for the Western movie, was always "rushing everyone" and "rude about it too."

Insider was told by Hulsey that he didn’t think Halls did anything dangerous. He said that he quit production on "The Pale Door" after an altercation with Halls, in which he claimed Halls grabbed his wrist and berated it.

Insider heard from Hulsey that he had fought with the producers of the movie because he wouldn't allow Halls to speak with him unless it was work-related.

Hulsey stated, "This person won't speak to me again except it's directly connected to something he requested to speak to, or I'm leaving this show, period." This is his attitude."

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