Burrow, Bengals bash Baltimore, Chiefs drop stink bomb on Titans, and Colts go 2021 NBA Playoffs on 49ers

Titans vs. Chiefs
This is not a place to be timid. If you thought the Chiefs offense had problems when they were tied at 10-10 against Washington at halftime, then you will be surprised to see them score 21 unanswered in the second period. Despite being tied for last in the AFC West, the Chiefs offense was still among the top in the league and boasts one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history. There are plenty of reasons to believe the Chiefs could improve their record against the Titans to.500, despite the fact that they face Derrick Henry, who is arguably the worst defensive player in the NFL.

In Week 7, the Chiefs were a shambles against the Titans. This is a mess of old broccoli, spilled vinegar and spoiled milk. As expected, the Titans got their way with Chiefs defense. They did not throw an incomplete pass until less than nine minutes left in the second quarter, and they had scored 24 points in the first half.

The Chiefs had not scored a point, and had only two first downs during the game. On the next drive, quarterback Patrick Mahomes went on a scramble at midfield and then fumbled. To make it 27-0, the Titans scored a field goal.

This is the Chiefs, a super-strategy offense that can overcome 20-point deficits in one bound, especially when their defense stops their opponent in half. It's hard to get back when the offense is unable to find a rhythm. The Chiefs lost the game 27-3 due to poorly timed penalties, particularly in the second half. This dropped them to a record of 3-4 for the season.