Facebook says it’s refocusing company on ‘serving young adults’

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, says he has redirected his teams within the company to serve young adults. This comment was made during a conference call with investors.
Zuckerberg stated that many of our services are now dialed to be best for all users, not just young adults.

TikTok is one the most powerful competitors we've ever encountered

He said that the changes will not be merely lip service. Zuckerberg stated that Facebook usage by older users will decline because of these changes. He said that even with these tradeoffs, he believes it is the right approach.

Zuckerberg anticipates that the changes will take many years. Zuckerberg believes that Instagram will be one of the most immediate changes. He says Instagram will make significant improvements to video and make Reels more central to the experience.

Video is clearly the response to TikTok which Zuckerberg described as one of our most powerful competitors.

Although the details are still largely a mystery, it is clear that Facebook has been planning and thinking about this for some time. The Verge published today leaked documents from Facebook that showed the company's concern at declining usage. A precipitous drop is predicted for the years ahead. These documents also include ideas Facebook had in mind to increase use among younger users such as revamped groups and job search tools.