New Hypersonic Space Plane Is Called the “Sexbomb” for Some Reason

"It's sexy so it's a sexbomb!"
The Sexbomb:

Canadian aerospace company Sexbomb has named a hypersonic spaceplane it intends to launch in 2022.

According to a press release, Space Engine Systems (SES), it announced its intention to launch the "sexbomb" in Manitoba. This vehicle will be used for testing the prototype of the company's spacecraft engine.

You might wonder what the name is. It could have been inspired by Tom Jones or the employees might just be huge Scott Pilgrim lovers. Perhaps it's just Elon Musk's marketing meme.

Pradeep Dass (President and CTO) of the company said that Mach 5's kinetic energy is extremely high. If it hits anything, it will behave like a bomb. It's sexy so it's a sexbomb.



Balloon Drop

According to the company, the demonstration will see Sexbomb being dropped from a huge balloon at 110,000 feet. The craft will eventually drop at twice the speed sound before turning on its engines, accelerating to speeds exceeding 3,700 mph before landing.

According to the SESs website, the engine will use a multifuel combustion system that uses non-toxic liquids and solid propellants.

Future Missions

The initial plan was to launch a test in 2021, but the regulatory approval process has allowed it to launch in 2022, The Manitoba Post reports. SES stated that it hopes to launch crewed missions in 2025. However, tickets will cost a third less than other space tourism companies.

It hopes that hypersonic technology opens the door to new innovation. This means that vehicles could transport human organs to Edmonton for life-saving transplants in as little as 30 minutes.



Although hypersonic tech has been gaining a lot of attention lately, it is more about apocalyptically-destructive weapons than space travel.

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