Brendan Fraser Joins DC's Batgirl Cast as an Unknown Villain

Warner Bros.' latest live-action Batman movie is taking up a lot of oxygen. But Bruce Wayne isn't the only Bat Family member on his way to another great cinematic adventure. With Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallahs Batgirl as directors, Barbara Gordon will be joining the DCEU. Leslie Grace will star in the title role.

Although it is not clear if any other DCEU characters that would logically exist within Batgirls orbit, like her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, or Batman, Barbara will be taking on at least one member the Bat Familys rogues gallery. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Doom Patrols Brendan Fraser signed on Batgirl to play a villain, who is believed to be Carmine Falcone, a gangster.

Carmines is the patriarch of Falcone's powerful mob family, known throughout Gotham City as its many criminal exploits. Despite moments of kindness and heroism that bonded the Wayne and Falcone families in the past, Batman clashes constantly with the Falcone organization throughout Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. It is possible that Fraser might be playing another role, both because Warner Bros. has not officially released a statement on Fraser's character and because John Turturro was chosen to portray Falcone in Matt Reeves The Batman. The idea of Fraser switching from being a hero to a villain is intriguing and one of many exciting developments that Batgirl will see as it continues production.

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