The Kyrie Liberation Army has arrived to take over Barclays Center

Let Kyrie Play, let Kyrie play, let Kyrie play.
This was the rallying cry for Kyrie Irving anti-vax activists outside Barclays Center, Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon. His self-righteous attitude has infected the basketball community as well as misguided dorks of all walks of life. This is why Kyrie Irving's liberation efforts are now in full swing.


The demonstration became more than just a gathering. Protesters tried to force their way into the arena, but were stopped by Barclays security staff and staff. A mob of protesters shouted "Stand with Kyrie" and "No vaccine mandate", while others held signs reading Dont tread on my, Will not comply and Health Freedom Now. There were also a few American flags. Some even wore Black Lives Matter shirts. According to the New York Post, hundreds gathered in the arena for the rally. Unmasked crowd, waving flags and signs, probably passing COVID around like herpes at a Hollywood orgy. It's amazing.

Ironic is the eerie resemblance of this rally to Donald Trump's Jan. 6 invasion of Capitol Hill by Trump supporters. Irving's breakdown allegedly resulted from that insurrection earlier this year, which required him to take almost two weeks off basketball to clear his head and regroup his thoughts. His supporters tried to follow his lead outside Barclays Center, but were stopped by building security. They didn't know what they were going to do once inside.


Kyrie Irving has not yet commented on the situation. I would be surprised if he does release a statement, or jump on social media to address it. Looking at Sunday's incident outside of the Barclays Center, we should have become used to the lack of accountability from Kyrie Irving and his followers. It is also worth noting that many of those who support Kyrie are the same people who supported the January 6 attempt at overthrowing democracy. Ted Cruz, it's me!

Irving and his supporters will likely gloss over this as it is a rally to support their persecuted leader. It's a shame that these people don't understand the consequences of their decision to decline vaccination on those around them. A large portion of the population believes that this is a hoax, and not a virus.


Irving would have been eligible to play in the Nets home opener if he had not been unable to attend the rally. Irving was not allowed to participate in it. Kyrie's inability to play is not an edict from the Nets front offices. It's a New York City mandate that prohibits him and any other unvaccinated players in the city from taking part in home games. I'm sure everyone in the crowd outside Barclays knew that.