Patrick Mahomes takes a vicious hit to the head

It seems that every week something reminds us how dangerous playing pro football is. On Sunday night, it happened to be Seahawks Darren Taylor being taken off the field and back-boarded. Patrick Mahomes, the NFL's face, was being assisted off the field this week by his teammates.


Here's Jeffer y Simmons, Titans defensive end, kicking Mahomes in the knee.

Mahomes wasn't too steady when he was getting up.

Despite appearing dazed by the Chiefs quarterback, Mahomes managed to make it to the sidelines on his own, with some assistance from teammates, and didn't return to the game. If you believe it, you will be amazed at what happened next.


Although I'm not a doctor, I can say that players who are so wobbly when they leave the field should not be allowed to pass the NFL's concussion protocol. This protocol needs to be rewritten. This is not the first instance of a player being thrown off the field by a hit to the head. However, the NFL personnel have declared the player okay.

When Mahomes was down, the score was 27-3 for Tennessee. As you can see, things didn't improve once Chad Henne, journeyman quarterback, took over. This was the end, with Kansas City falling to 3-4 and Tennessee improving to 5-2. The NFL's most talked about offensive line in KC this weekend will be its sieve-like one. It looks like the Chiefs may end up paying for it with something more than a loss.


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