Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card Review (2021)

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Chase and Southwest offer a wide range of credit cards at different price points. This post will focus on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Prime Credit Card. It is the Southwest personal card that has a $99 annual fees (not the highest or lowest).

This was especially because of the amazing benefits and the best-ever welcome bonus that I saw.

The Southwest Airlines Premier Card comes with a $99 annual charge. It is the mid-range card within the Chase & Southwest portfolio.

It is interesting to note that all Southwest personal cards come with the same welcome bonus, which you don't see with other products. Southwest is different. Typically, higher annual fees cards offer bigger bonuses.

With this in mind, which Southwest Airlines credit cards is the best? Let's look at the details and then I will share my opinion.

Southwest Premier Card Bonus: Up To 100K Rapid Rewards Points

The Southwest Premier Card offers the best two-part bonus, up to 100,000 Rapid Rewards Points.

Spend $2,000 in three months to earn 50,000 Rapid Rewards points

After spending $12,000 in the first 12 month, earn another 50,000 Rapid Rewards points

This is a huge bonus. This is a generous bonus. 100,000 Rapid Rewards points can be used to purchase Southwest airfare worth approximately $1,200.

This card is not available to anyone with a Southwest Rapid Rewards personal credit card or who has received a Southwest Rapid Rewards welcome bonus in the last 24 months. You are still eligible if your Southwest Rapid Rewards business card is active.

There are general rules that Chase cards must follow, beyond the restrictions on which Southwest cards you may have. These include the 5/24 rule.

This bonus entitles you to 100K Rapid Rewards points

Southwest Premier Card $99 Annual Fee

The Southwest Premier Card charges $99 annually. You can also add authorized users to your card for no additional cost. The annual fees for Southwest's personal credit cards are $69, $99 and $149. This card is the middle child in the Southwest & Chase personal cards portfolio.

Southwest Premier Card Rewards Structure

The Southwest Premier Card rewards structure offers the following:

Southwest Airlines: 3x Rapid Rewards Points

2x Rapid Rewards points for Southwest hotel partners and car rental partners

2x Rapid Rewards points for internet, cable, phone, and selected streaming

All eligible purchases earn 1x Rapid Rewards points

Although the card does have some bonus categories, there are more rewarding cards for everyday spending.

Southwest Premier Card: A-List Status

The Southwest Premier Card allows you to earn unlimited Tier Qualifying points (TQPs) in addition to Companion Pass. For every $10,000 you spend on the card, you will earn 1,500 Tier Qualifying Points (TQPs) towards A-List status.

Southwest Airlines' version of status is A-List. It offers perks such as priority boarding and a 25% bonus on points. Same-day standby, priority security check-in, priority check in and access to the security lane, and a dedicated number.

To be considered A-List, you must earn 35,000 TQPs per calendar year. So spending on a Southwest Premier Card can help you achieve that status. It is the only personal Southwest card to offer this feature. It all depends on how much Southwest would charge you for your flights.

Southwest Credit Cards: Companion Pass

Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is one of the best travel deals. You can get it now with this bonus.

You can travel with someone for the whole year on Southwest Companion Pass, regardless of whether they are traveling on an award or cash ticket. All taxes and fees will be paid by them. This amazing deal doubles the value of Southwest flights.

Companion Pass normally requires 125,000 Rapid Rewards points per year. However, only certain types are eligible, such as Southwest credit card spending or welcome bonuses. In 2021, Southwest will give all Rapid Rewards members 25,000 Companion Pass points. This means that you need only earn 100,000 points in 2021 in order to extend your companion pass to 2022.

Southwest Credit Cards: Earn Companion Pass

No Foreign Transaction Fees

No foreign transaction fees are charged by the Southwest Premier Card. This card is one of the benefits over the $69 per year Southwest Plus Card. It has 3% foreign transaction charges.

Southwest Airlines Premier Card Benefits

The Southwest Airlines Premier Card has some great benefits that may make it worth your while. What are the perks of Southwest's Premier Card?

Southwest Premier Card 6,000 Bonus Points

You will receive 6,000 Rapid Rewards points every year on your cardmember anniversary. Southwest Rapid Rewards is a revenue-based frequent traveler program. You can expect to need approximately 83 Rapid Rewards points per dollar of airfare booked.

So, you can get Southwest airfare for $72 per year with 6,000 bonus points. This covers more than 70% of the annual fees.

Southwest Premier Card EarlyBird Check-Ins

Two EarlyBird check ins are available with the Southwest Premier Card. This could get you a better position on the boarding plane and would normally cost $15-25 per check-in, which can be worth $30-50. This is a great perk and you can easily recoup the entire annual fee with the anniversary bonus points.

Southwest Premier Card 25% Discount on Inflight Drinks and Wi-Fi

Southwest Premier Card gives 25% off on all inflight Wi-Fi purchases and beverages Pay with your card and you'll instantly receive a statement credit.

Chase Offers

Chase offers are one of the best features of Chase cards. It allows you to save money on purchases at all types of retailers. Although the program was not launched until a while ago, it has saved me significant money.

Is the Southwest Premier Card worth it?

Southwest Airlines Premier Card, Southwest's mid-range card is available at a low annual fee of just $100.

The 6,000 point anniversary bonus could potentially pay you $72 in airfare. You'll also get two EarlyBird checkins each year, which can be worth $30-50. These perks are worth more than the annual fee if you consider them valuable. This doesn't include the massive welcome bonus of up 100,000 Rapid Rewards points.

If you are looking for a Southwest Airlines creditcard, however, there may be a better way.

The Southwest Premier Card should do more than just pay for itself

Tip: Instead of applying for the Southwest Priority card, apply instead

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Card (review), is my recommendation if you are looking to get a personal Rapid Rewards card. Some people may find the $149 annual fee to be a bit steep. Why would you pay $50 more for the Southwest Premier Card's benefits?

The benefits are more than worth it, according to my opinion. The Southwest Priority Card offers the following:

Annual 7,500 point bonus on your anniversary, which will get you $90 worth of airfare (that's 1,500 points more than the Premier Card).

A $75 Southwest Airlines travel credit per year, which can be used towards any Southwest Airlines purchase (the Premier Card does not offer this).

You will receive four upgraded boardings each year, if they are available. The purchase of A1-15 boarding positions on the day you depart is eligible for reimbursement by the Premier Card. However, there are not four upgraded board boardings per annum.

For the $149 annual fee, you get points that will earn you $90 worth of Southwest airfare, as well as a $75 Southwest credit each year. Anyone who travels Southwest regularly is basically getting paid to have the card. That's $165 worth of value. This doesn't include the four upgraded boarders per year.

The Priority Card seems to be a better choice than the Premier and Plus products.

Tip: Instead of earning Ultimate Rewards points, earn them instead

Chase Ultimate Rewards partners with Southwest Rapid Rewards to transfer points at a 1:1 ratio. You can earn more points through Ultimate Rewards than Rapid Rewards. Your points are also more flexible, as you can transfer them to other airline programs.

Which credit card is better: a Southwest Airlines credit or a Chase Ultimate Rewards credit?

Companion Pass and A-List status can only be earned by spending on a Southwest card. Ultimate Rewards points do not count towards Companion Pass requirements.

Companion Pass is not important to you. You just want as many Rapid Rewards points possible. Earn points with Ultimate Rewards and then transfer them.

These are some of the top cards to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. It offers 3x points for dining, online grocery shopping, and select streaming services. The card also has 2x points for travel. There is a $95 annual cost.

Review of the Chase Sapphire Reserve. It offers 3x points for dining and travel. There is also a $300 annual travel credit. The card comes with a $550 annual fee.

Review of the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card. It offers 3x points for the first $150,000 in combined purchases each year on travel, shipping, and internet services. The card also allows you to make advertising purchases with search engines and social media sites.

The following cards have no annual fees and earn points which can be converted to Ultimate Rewards points at a 1:1 ratio when used in conjunction with the cards above:

Bottom line

The Southwest Premier Card is an excellent mid-range credit card. The card offers a fantastic welcome bonus and ongoing perks that make it worth the annual fee. These include the 6,000 Rapid Rewards points each year and EarlyBird check ins.


The $149 annual fee for Southwest Priority Card makes it a worthwhile investment. It offers huge benefits such as 1,500 additional points and a $75 annual Southwest credit.

You might not be interested in Companion Pass if you earn points with Chase Ultimate Rewards instead. These points can then be transferred to Southwest Rapid Rewards.

This post will provide all the information you need about the best credit cards to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards points.

Follow this link to find out more information about the Southwest Premier Card and how you can apply.


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