It’s time to send Bob Nightengale to a farm upstate

It's not a big deal that Bob Nightengale once again spews out baseball drivel. This has been his job for many years. He acts as a conduit for whatever bullshit they want out there in return for his beloved access. However, headlines and stories that have this tone are not helpful for a wider audience.

Although the Braves aren't actually on a revenge tour, their fans and media can paint it that way. This is the reason we've gotten into this mess: it's the sports-ification in every aspect of society. There are some things that don't have winners or losers, and they certainly aren't a game. It is not a game for Georgia to remove citizens' right to vote. This is the foundation on which everything else is built. Although it is not clear who the aggressors are, we know that Cobb County lost the All-Star Game. However, they share territory with those who fly the Confederate flag.

The notion that the Braves are correcting a problem is absurdly ridiculous and only serves to feed the psychosis of the right. The Braves winning the World Series does not right any wrong. In fact, it will embarrass MLB more than MLB can through the name change, logo changes, and their complicity with anti-vaxxers such as Travis Tritt and other types of horseshit. The Braves were not the victims of MLB's decision. All the fans lost was the opportunity to see an extremely long exhibition game, which has lost its uniqueness as players rush home to catch their flight home in 7th.

This crap is fueled by the persecution complex that stems from any perceived indignity. Nightengale adds to the lies that the Braves, their fans, were somehow violated. This is why this World Series trip isn't just a normal baseball journey but a way for them to affirm any injustices they feel. That crowd is one of them. It feeds only on itself.

The Braves are determined to serve that audience. It was why they relocated from downtown Atlanta to the more accessible suburb of their stadium, which was largely designed to keep Blacks out.


Nightengale doesn't think about the larger implications. He doesn't see the bigger picture. This is what he has done to simplify the story to the most understandable level. This is all he's done. His editors and he should have known better. They seem to have given up on the fight years ago.

The Blackhawks are terrible at hockey and life too

Chicago has lighter stuff. The Hawks are the NHL's worst team. They have not won a single game in their first season. And they haven't had a lead in any of six games. They set a new record Sunday for the longest streak without leading a single game in a season. They have a -15 goal differential, which is five goals below the league average. All season, they have scored three goals at even strength. This is a remarkable feat of ineptitude.


Last night was the nadir. Hawks fans hope that the mockery at the national level will suffice to bring about the changes they desire behind the bench, and in the front office. The Hawks were down late in the game and had a two-man advantage. They called a timeout. Did Jeremy Collition, the Hawks' head coach, have a plan? He most certainly didn't, folks.


Your strategy in the final game of the season is Uh, I don't know. It won't instill the most confidence in your team. You think so? You would like to think that your head coach would have a better idea than you.

This is just another negative mark against Colliton who has been overmatched since he took the job three years ago. Since Colliton took the job, the Hawks have been the league's worst defensive team. Even going on the offensive in free agency and trade market to significantly boost the roster hasn't changed this. This is already the fifth consecutive season that the Hawks will not make the playoffs. That's almost criminal considering that Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews were still in their primes for it all.


Their coach now says he is out of ideas. You would think that you have it here.