Halo Infinite’s new campaign trailer has Master Chief chasing Cortana

Microsoft finally unveiled a new Halo Infinites campaign look. This marks the first time 343 Industries has displayed the campaign since July 2020's initial gameplay reveal.
The trailer, which is six minutes long, shows off Infinites' new gameplay and systems. It also includes new weapons, menacing bosses and AI companion characters.

Infinite, which is set after 2015's Halo 5 Guardians, will be the first mainline Halo title in more than five years. It will pick up the story about the artificial intelligence revolution that was led by Cortana, a former ally of Master Chiefs. This story served as Halo 5's cliffhanger. Infinite will also continue the story of Halo Wars 2, the 2017 real-time strategy spinoff that introduced the Brute-led Banished, as well as other threads from Halo Wars 2.

Many thought Halo Infinites' initial gameplay reveal was disappointing. This led to disappointment in the purportedly next gen visuals as well as the Craig meme where Craig drank on a close-up of a Brute that was particularly badly rendered.

The new campaign overview for Halo Infinite will launch in just a few short weeks, on December 8th. It is not only a chance to give players an idea of what they can expect, but also a chance to redeem and sell Infinites potential to fans after its disappointing first impression.

343 Industries has kept the Halo Infinites campaign secret (until today's reveal), but the studio has been offering free-to-play multiplayer modes in Infinites to players through a series preview weekends. The weekend previews have been a much more positive response and are seen as an exciting development (and, in many ways, a return of form) for the franchise.

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Original plans for Halo Infinite were to launch with the Xbox Series X / S and Series S last autumn. However, the game was delayed to 2021 because of a number of development problems, including the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. The game is now scheduled to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC on December 8. However, it will not include a few key features such as the campaigns co-op mode or the popular Forge multiplayer editor. These features are expected to be available in a future update.