Discord now shares more details of your EA gameplay

EA will add support for Discords Rich Presence to some of its titles. This allows Discord contacts to see more details about what you are doing in-game, according to the game maker. The new launcher, EA App is a successor to EAs Origin. It connects your Discord account to the EA App.
Discord used to show you what EA game and how long you had been playing it. EA's Rich Presence integration now allows Discord to display more information, such as which game mode you are in, how long youre been playing and if youre open to partnering up for something else, EA states.

It will even indicate if you are interested in partnering up

While Discords Rich Presence is supported in other games such as Battlerite and Divinity, Original Sin 2 (Payday 2), EA's integration can be much more extensive because it happens at the launcher level (via EA App) than at each game level. Developers can use this feature to show more information about your game, and to allow players to invite others to their games or to watch their friends match.

The new Discord integration can be enabled in the EA App. To do this, go to Settings and select My Account. Scroll down to the section Connected Accounts and authorize a link between Discord and EA accounts.