Apple TV 4K and Apple TV+ Service to Launch in Korea on November 4

Apple announced Monday that the Apple TV 4K set top box and the TV+ video streaming service will be available in Korea starting November 4.

Apple TV 4K will be launched in India along with Apple TV+. It can be accessed through the Apple TV App and Apple TV 4K.

Apple will present "Dr. Korea" as a celebration of its digital service's launch in Korea. The same day, Apple will premiere its first original series in Korean, "Dr. Dr. Brain is a Korean-language series based on the Korean webtoon. Kim Jee-Woon is the show's director. He is best known for his films "A Tale of Two Sisters", and "I Saw the Devil." The show stars Lee Sun-Kyun who is best known for his film "Parasite."

This show is about a brain scientist who searches for new technologies to access memory. He uses these tools when his family is involved in an unsolved accident.


Dr. "Brain" is an emotional journey about a brain scientist obsessed with finding new technologies to access consciousness and memories. When his family is tragically killed in an accident, his life turns upside down. He uses his brain skills to retrieve memories from his wife's brain and unravel the mystery about what really happened.

Dr. "Dr. Brain" is one among many Apple Original international dramas that will be available on Apple TV+. Apple is also producing "Pachinko," Masters of the Air," Slow Horses," "Shantaram," Echo 3," and "Acapulco" among other shows.

Apple TV+ is being launched in Korea in partnership with SK Broadband, a local internet service provider. TV+ Korea will cost 6,500 won ($5.50 per month).

On November 12, Disney+ launched in Korea. Seven new Korean shows were released, and it will be a stiff competitor for Apple's latest market.