Elon Musk rolls back newest ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta due to software issues – TechCrunch

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla temporarily pulled back its latest Full Self-Driving beta software, less than one day after it was released.
Musk tweeted that he was experiencing issues with 10.3, and suggested that he temporarily switch to 10.2 This is normal with beta software. Public beta is not available to test all hardware configurations under all conditions.

This comes as regulators are questioning Tesla's safety of its advanced driver assist system, dubbed Autopilot. After several vehicles collided with parked first responder cars while the system was active, this news is significant. Tesla cars come standard with Autopilot. FSD software, which costs an extra $10,000, offers additional automated driving features.

Tesla cars are not self-driving. FSD is an advanced driver assistance system that requires drivers to remain alert even when FSD is active. Recent MIT research found that drivers are less attentive, which could lead to safety hazards.

Version 10.3 was supposed to be released on Friday to Tesla owners, but Musk stated on Saturday that they would have to wait another day.

He tweeted Saturday that there was a regression in left turns at traffic lights. This was discovered by internal QA in 10.3. Fixed at work. Expected release tomorrow.

Beta users of 10.3 posted videos showing multiple Forward Collision Warnings, despite no immediate danger. Some vehicles even auto-braked for no reason. Drivers took to social media to voice their concerns, including the disappearing Autosteer option and problems with traffic-aware cruise control. Musk tweeted that the company was working to resolve the cruise control and Autopilot issues.

Musk has yet to share a release date for FSD's next version.