‘Some Issues’ Force Tesla to Pull Newest Full Self-Driving Beta

After releasing a beta update to Full Self-Driving software, which, contrary to its title, does not allow the car's autonomy without human supervision, Tesla has now rolled it back.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, stated that the rollback was due to issues with version 10.3, but didn't specify which issues. The FSD update is supposed to allow drivers to temporarily switch to version 10.2, but the Verge reported that some users could not access FSD after the rollback.

FSD 10.3, which Tesla started releasing to drivers on Saturday and Sunday has reportedly included a variety of new features.

A screenshot of the release notes was posted to the r/teslamotors forum. It included FSD Profiles that allow drivers to control behavior such as rolling stops and speed-based lanes changes. Other improvements include an increase in creeping speed and improved crossing object velocity estimation, better vehicle semantic detections, reduced false slowdowns, and a reduction of false slowdowns.

Musk assured drivers that the update would not be an unusual one. Tesla delayed FSD 10.2's release to approximately 1,000 drivers earlier this month due to concerns over the update.

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This is normal with beta software. He stated that it is impossible to test all hardware configurations under all conditions using internal QA. Therefore, public beta.


It is still puzzling that Tesla allows public testing of its beta software, considering the serious issues with FSD 10.3. Federal authorities have expressed concern about the company's beta program, and criticised it. They stated that Tesla must address safety concerns before expanding FSDs capabilities.

It is possible that Autopilot or Traffic Aware Cruise Control problems, or TACC, caused the rollback. Only Tesla can tell for certain. FSD 10.3 was received by a driver who said Autopilot and TACC had not been enabled on his car. He pointed this out to Musk via Twitter. Musk replied to the driver by saying that the company was investigating the problem.


Another Twitter driver stated that Autopilot would not engage with him and that Tesla kept reminding him of the distance between him and the car in front. This despite the fact that he was following safe following distances. According to the driver, the car landed on the highway and [Autopilot] disconnected.

It is very scary to drive it this way, wrote the driver.