Paul Gosar assured Jan. 6 protest organizers they would get a 'blanket pardon' while they were planning rallies: report

Representative Paul Gosar (R AZ) speaks at a news conference held on January 7, 2016. Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage
Rolling Stone reported that Rep. Paul Gosar gave protest organizers a "blanket Pardon" to encourage them to organize rallies on January 6.

Gosar said to the organizers that he had spoken to former President Donald Trump regarding the pardons. These were never granted.

A GOP congressman has previously defended the Capitol Rioters, claiming that they were peaceful protestors.

Paul Gosar, a GOP congressman, encouraged pro-Trump rally organizers in Washington DC to plan protests on January 6. He told them that they would be granted a "blanket Pardon" for an unrelated investigation. According to two protest organizers, he was also able to tell them that they would receive a "blanket pardon".

Rolling Stone received an exclusive Sunday interview in which they revealed that Gosar had repeatedly promised them pardons. Rolling Stone reports that both organizers were speaking with the congressional committee looking into the riots at the US Capitol. They were kept anonymous. The original investigation that the pair mentioned was unrelated is not known.

One interviewee stated that Gosar had given them the impression of speaking to Donald Trump about pardons, and that they were mentioned by name.

Rolling Stone was told by an organizer that they were working to submit the paperwork and get House Freedom Caucus members to sign on.

According to two anonymous sources, Gosar said to them that he had just reviewed the list of pardons.

They were disappointed to learn that the offer was not accepted. However, they explained that the pardons were not the only reason for their plans for January 6.

Rolling Stone was told by the organizer that he would have done it any way - with or without the pardon.

The organizer stated, "I believe in this country. But to use something similar and give it out when someone is so desperate, that's really not good business."

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Rolling Stone reported that they were disturbed by the violence at the US Capitol that resulted from the pro-Trump rallies of January 6.

Gosar, Arizona's representative, said that he had "never instigated violence" and that the notion that he was involved in the Capitol riots is "devoid of reality."

He has been vocal in his defense for the US Capitol rioters and called them "peaceful protestors" that were being harassed at the Justice Department. Gosar, one of Trump's most passionate supporters, also claimed that Ashli Babbitt was "executed", a protestor who was later shot by Capitol Police on Jan 6.

Insider reached out to Gosar's office but they did not respond immediately.

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