Fortnite Skins: Resident Evil, Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine

Fortnites continues its bizarre journey to become a pop culture phenomenon with Resident Evil, having already introduced smooth Timothe and Mandalorians. A S.T.A.R.S. was recently released by the immensely popular online game. The team pack includes cosmetics from Capcom's zombie killing franchise as well as skins of series protagonists Chris Fuck Boulders Redfield (Capcom) and Jill Valentine.


The characters look great in Fortnite's art style, to no one's surprise. Both characters are wearing looks from their latest gamesChris is wearing a Resident Evil Village outfit, while Jills has an update outfit from RE3 Remake. It's possible that they appear too smooth when compared to the grime they get in the actual games, but it works. You can also get cosmetics inspired from the games, such as alternate skins and herbs or a typewriter. You can purchase them in two bundles. The most expensive (at 2,000 VBucks, which is the in-game currency), comes with a Survival loading screen.

Fortnite has been enjoying a great gaming season recently with the addition of Master Chief and Kratos to the roster of characters that you can play as. Epic already allowed Street Fighter to be included in Epic, so it would not surprise if the publisher borrowed Dante from Devil May Cry. It seems more likely than the demon hunting dog joining Smash Bros.

Surprisingly there doesn't appear to be any skins available for Chris or Jill in the Resident Evil: Raccoon city. The film reboots the movies to be more like the games. It stars Hannah John-Kamen playing Jill and Robbie Amell as Chris. These versions could be waiting closer to the movie's release on November 24th, or perhaps a preview to be seen in the game.

[via Gamespot]

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