China's Evergrande says it has resumed construction work on nearly a dozen additional projects, just days after it managed to avoid a default

China's Evergrande stated in a statement, that it had resumed work on over 10 projects in six cities.
This statement was issued just days after the property mogul avoided default by paying dollar bond interest.

Evergrande's debt problems have caused markets all over the globe to be shaken by investors fearing contagion.

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China's Evergrande announced Sunday that it had resumed work in more than ten projects in six cities across the country. This news comes just days after Evergrande, a real estate giant, avoided default by making a last-minute bond interest payment of $1 billion.

On WeChat, the property developer announced that it would "go all in" to fulfill its social responsibilities to homebuyers as well as comply with government requirements.

This notice showed photos of workers at work on the properties to try to reassure homebuyers.

Evergrande's debt problems have shook markets around the globe. Investors fear that Evergrande will spread its woes to other countries. Evergrande still has more than $300 billion of liabilities and a $45 million interest payment due Friday.

According to Reuters, Evergrande also has not disclosed how many of its 1,300 real-estate projects in China have been suspended.

TikTokers visited construction sites in China to verify Evergrande's claim that it had resumed work in 46 real estate projects in China in September.

Chinese authorities assured Evergrande that the crisis would be under control.

China Evergrande shares opened in Hong Kong 6% higher Monday.