Apple's latest MacBooks Pro will be backordered until at least December

You may not be able to order a Macbook Pro until December if you don't have a preorder.
On Oct. 18, the new MacBook Pros 14-inch and 16 inch, equipped with either M1 Pro or M1 Max chipsets, were launched. Preorders were available immediately and all those who placed an order should receive their new laptops no later than Oct. 26. If you wanted to purchase the laptops earlier, however, you will have to wait until November or December depending on the configuration you choose.

The two options available for purchasing the 14-inch MacBook Pro online set delivery dates between Nov. 16 and 23 as of October 24. Delivery for the 16-inch laptop is between Nov. 23 and Dec. 1. Delivery dates can be extended if you configure storage options for either size laptop.

Apple has not offered an explanation for the lengthy wait, but it could be due ongoing supply chain problems. Apple's previous Intel laptop was in short supply right before the latest batch of M1 MacBooks. This could indicate that there were problems with supply chain logistics even before the launch. Apple may have also been trying to reduce Intel stock in preparation of M1's launch.

It doesn't matter if there is a shortage or if there is a high demand, it will make it difficult to find the latest MacBooks for at least a while. We recommend that you order ASAP if you want to give one before Christmas. Otherwise, you risk even more delays.