5 Cold-Calling Myths That Keep Businesses in the Matrix

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The Matrix movie depicts a future where reality as it is perceived by most people is a false simulation created and maintained by sentient machines to subdue and pacify the human population while their bodies' heat, electrical activity, and other energy sources are used.

What does all this have to do?

Most businesses believe in five common cold calling myths that have kept them in the matrix. These false techniques and ideas have been programmed into our minds by computers in this virtual world. Cold calling is dead because entrepreneurs have been blinded by the truth about prospecting.

Businesses can now be free from the cold-calling prison known by the matrix. Learn the truth about these cold-calling myths by taking the red pill

1. Gatekeepers must be open and honest

Businesses believe that it is essential to be open with receptionists in order to contact decision-makers through cold-calling campaigns. This is clearly a result of the programming of computers. It is not a good idea to admit you are making a sales call when receptionists tell them not to allow calls through. This could be why most people believe cold calling is not effective.

Although I don't advocate for telemarketers lying to receptionists, It is better to blend in with the traffic and not sound like a salesperson. The receptionist will not ask you if this is a sales call. You can also distract them by using humor, compliments, or banter to make them forget what the call is about.

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2. Cold calling is all about numbers

If you call hundreds upon hundreds of prospects consecutively, chances are that you won't reach anyone. Executives are constantly moving and don't wait for cold calls. Companies continue to do this because agents enforce their matrix deceptions.

When you let go of these illusions, you will see that changing strategies is far more effective than following the same old path with no success. To successfully reach the human world, you must make many calls to the same prospects until you find them.

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3. Only target prospects who have a need

Cold calling is simple. It's easy to just dial your list and watch what happens. This is a fatal flaw in the matrix model. Businesses are programmed to look for prospects who have needs. However, there are very few people on these lists that meet their criteria.

We have all escaped from the traps of this matrix. Now we know how to set up more appointments by targeting prospects who love what they have. Instead of trying to sell them something or making yourself look too successful, show them how new innovations can transform their business and save them time and money.

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4. Instead of agreeing, argue with prospects

Salespeople have been programmed to believe that arguing with prospects is an effective strategy since the creation of this matrix. In reality, it is impossible to win every argument, as Dale Carnegie explains in his classic book How to Win Friends & Influence People.

It is important to find solutions for human differences. It is easier to compliment and agree with them. Keep in mind this caveat: It doesn't mean you have to agree with what they say or do. But, it is important to find ways to share their experiences or feelings so that there is less conflict moving forward

My favorite way to express my gratitude is with compliments such as "You're right!" Then, say something positive that we both can agree on.

5. Cold-calling training is not something salespeople should ever be required to learn.

Most salespeople trying to make telemarketing phone calls in the matrix are doing it on their own. Another lie that machine programming tells you is that cold-calling skills require baptism by fire. Most people struggle to learn this skill and don't have the support of an expert coach.

Once you have escaped the matrix, it is time to get rid of old-fashioned myths regarding cold calling. It's possible to live in Neos reality, not Agent Smith's nightmare.