Patrick Mahomes clears concussion protocol, but Chiefs' struggles continue in blowout loss

Patrick Mahomes takes a slow time to get up after he was hit in the head during the fourth quarter. He was eventually helped to the sidelines. (0:22).
NASHVILLE (Tenn.) -- Patrick Mahomes was removed in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game after he had passed the NFL's concussion protocol. He had taken a shot to his head and cleared the NFL's protocol. Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs' coach felt Mahomes needed a break.

It was a 27-3 defeat to the Tennessee Titans. Reid and Mahomes anticipate that the quarterback will practice this week in preparation for next Monday's game against New York Giants.

Mahomes and Chiefs will be in a unique place due to their 3-4 record. Mahomes was without a touchdown in the Titans game for the first time in his career. The Chiefs have scored just three points since Reid's arrival in 2013.

Mahomes, who lost a fumble and threw an intercept on Sunday, is now fighting through adversity as Chiefs for the first time in Mahomes’ pro career.

Mahomes stated, "We have enough leaders in this team that we need to find a way." "I don’t know what it will take yet. We will go in. It will be discussed. I'm sure we'll enjoy the movie. This is part of leadership. This is what great teams are all about, being able overcome adversity. These last few years have been filled with amazing moments, rainbows, and flowers. You'll have to go through these times if you want something to be great and substantial.

It's still early in this year. It's possible to get anything we want, but it will take us improving every day. ... We have all the talent and resources to make it happen.

After only six interceptions last season, Mahomes has now thrown nine this season. In each of his three previous games, he has committed multiple turnovers.

Mahomes stated that it was likely Mahomes who had been responsible for the Chiefs' recent loss. "I was pressing a bit too early in this game. We got down, and we were in that no-huddle mode which is not good for the NFL. It's possible to execute some things, but it's difficult to sustain drives. It's important to get better early in games, so that we don't fall behind as we did today.

"I must be more efficient in order to allow this offense to score more points."

The Titans scored on five of their first-half possessions, and led 27-0 at the halftime. Mahomes said he wasn't trying hard enough to keep up with the Chiefs.

He said, "It was me trying to make it happen." "In this league, you have to allow things to develop. It is necessary to make plays. You only need to make one play at a given time. It's impossible to enjoy a 14-point play. They scored very early so I have to just get the ball down the field and not try to do too much.

As an example, he mentioned his late-in-the-first half fumble. Mahomes was driving the Chiefs when he lost the ball while trying to get extra yards in a scramble. The Titans won.

He said, "Just go down." "Why did you try to get the extra two miles?" These are just a few of the things that can add up and make [the Chiefs] lose pretty badly.

You have to believe in your fellow men. It is important to believe that you are capable of going the distance, that you can handle the short pass, and that guys can miss. You can hold in the pocket and make throws. This film will be a learning opportunity for me.

Reid said that Mahomes was the subject of his comment, but did not specify. Although they aren't doing it right now, I have faith that those things will be taken care of. ... They're trying to do the right things and make it happen, but it's going the wrong way. It has to be fixed.

Reid stated that Mahomes was trying to make things work. This is a team effort.