American Airlines Gave Three Passengers One Hotel Room To Share During Mechanical Delay

American Airlines passengers have complained about their hotel room, which was assigned to them by American Airlines for an overnight mechanical delay. They also complain about being rebooked in a different destination city. Three people were assigned one room and one person was left on the floor.
@AmericanAir ClassyAA I can understand the maintenance issues.. But a hotel voucher for three people in a room with a double bed and a single bed? Yes, you have to put someone on the ground. We are also rebooked at 1160/5516, which is only an hour from the place we purchased a ticket.

Will you pay for the cab from PNS to your house? Jarchow Gregory (@GregoryJarchow) October 24, 2021

Cranky Flyer kept insisting that American Airlines was entitled to state that customers will accept whatever hotel is offered and that they will not reimburse customers for any room that is used. When rooms are available outside of the channel, I pointed out that Americans vendors often have no inventory for hotels.

Agents who are already overworked can be asked to call and request more inventory. It's a good idea to get them to do it. Good luck!

American has not been able to provide proper accommodation for their employees in the last few months. This includes flight attendants who have to sleep at the airport, and pilots who are forced to stay in hotel lobby rooms.

There are not enough agents at the outsourced providers and there isn't enough hotel room inventory. People can search for their rooms online, but Americans will tell them there isn't any.

American acknowledges, however, that internally the system does not always work when determining whether you are eligible for a room.

This means that you are dependent on a sympathetic agent to look up the details of your delay. You also risk being second-guessed later when coding you as eligible.

An agent found a room that would accommodate three people. It appears that they were travelling together, not as strangers. It could have been worse. Hainan Airlines passengers were once forced to share a bed in a S&M-themed hotel during a delay.

Book your tickets with a credit card that provides trip delay coverage. You can get reimbursed for the cost you pay to book your room in a hotel that is better than an airline's. It will also cover ground transportation costs, up to $500, if there is a qualifying delay.


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