Remains Of Missing United Airlines Executive Found

This should bring some closure for the family.
Basics of the United executive that went missing

In August 2020, I wrote about a United Airlines executive that went missing. Jake Cefolia, a 49-year-old United Airlines Senior Vice President for Worldwide Sales at the time, led a team that included approximately 725 people.

His disappearance was accompanied by strange circumstances:

Cefolia was being investigated for criminal offences. The police executed a warrant to search his home the day before he disappeared.

Cefolia's car was discovered at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, near his Elmhurst home. This is an area where hed apparently often go jogging but this time he was wearing hiking boots, khakis and had left his phone behind.

Despite several searches of Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve being conducted, no sign of him was found until now

Jake Cefolia can still be found in the forest

Friday saw the discovery of human remains at Glen Forest Preserve. Dental records confirmed that they belonged to Jake Cefolia. He was found exactly 14 months later in the exact same spot as his car.

A contractor was working in the area to remove invasive species. He contacted police on Friday about possible human remains within the park's 700-acres. The contractor apparently found human remains hanging from a low-hanging tree.

It is believed that the remains were found in densely cultivated bush areas, which makes it difficult to see them from more than 10 feet away.

It is not yet known what caused the death. It is so tragic, especially considering Cefolia has young kids. This will hopefully bring closure to Cefolia's friends and family, and allow them to begin the healing process.

Although we don't know the details of what happened, it is possible to conduct a further investigation. The police probably know more than us, especially considering we don't know what he was being investigated for.

It suffices to say, there are many mixed clues, and I don't think there is an obvious explanation, at least not based on the publicly available information.

Bottom line

On Friday, the remains of Jake Cefolia, a missing United Airlines executive, were discovered. This was well over 14 years after Cefolia disappeared. The same park that his car was found his remains. His remains weren't found even after several searches of the park covering 700 acres.

I wish Cefolia's family and friends some closure. I also hope an investigation into the circumstances can be started.


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