Southwest Airlines Plus Card Review (2021)

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Chase and Southwest Airlines have great co-branded credit cards available at a range of price points.

This post will focus on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card. It is Southwest Airlines' lowest annual fee credit card. This is especially important because of the amazing new benefits and the best-ever welcome bonus.

The Southwest Plus Card's $69 annual fee is the lowest of any Southwest Airlines credit cards. It is interesting to note that all Southwest personal cards offer the same welcome bonus. Let's take a closer look at this card and how you can decide which Southwest card makes the most sense. This case is clear.

Southwest Airlines is a favorite airline because they offer two free checked bags, no change fees and no cancellation fees. A Companion Pass can be earned by having a Southwest Airlines Credit Card. This is one of the most valuable domestic travel deals. Let's get into the details.

Southwest Plus Card Bonus Of 100K Rapid Rewards Points

The Southwest Plus Card offers a bonus of two parts that can give you up to 100,000 Rapid Rewards Points. This is undoubtedly the most amazing bonus we have ever seen for this card.

After spending $2,000 in the first three months, you will earn 50,000 bonus points

Additional 50,000 bonus points are available after you spend $12,000 in the first 12 month.

This card is not available to anyone with a Southwest Rapid Rewards personal credit card or who has received a Southwest Rapid Rewards welcome bonus in the last 24 months. You are still eligible if your Southwest business credit card is active.

Keep in mind, in addition to the restrictions on which Southwest cards you may have, the general restrictions regarding Chase card approvals including the 5/24 rule.

You can travel a lot with 100K Rapid Reward points

Southwest Plus Card $69 Annual Fee

The Southwest Plus Card comes with a $69 annual cost. You can also add authorized users to your card for no additional fee. The lowest annual fee for any Southwest Airlines credit card is $69 The highest end of the spectrum is Southwests personal and business cards, which have annual fees up to $149.

Southwest Plus Card Up To 2x Points On Spending

The Southwest Plus Card rewards structure offers the following:

Southwest Airlines: 2x Rapid Rewards Points

2x Rapid Rewards points for Southwest hotel partners and car rental partners

2x Rapid Rewards points for internet, cable, phone, and selected streaming

All eligible purchases earn 1x Rapid Rewards points

Although the card does have some bonus categories, there are more rewarding cards for everyday spending.

Southwest Credit Cards: Companion Pass

Although the Southwest Plus Card's rewards structure isn't the best in the industry, it is worth considering if you want to spend on this card.

The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is one of the best value in travel. You can get it by spending on credit cards (or getting credit card bonuses) with a Southwest creditcard.

You can travel with someone for the whole year with Southwest Companion Pass. They will pay no taxes or fees and you only have to pay cash. This amazing deal doubles the value of Southwest flights.

Companion Pass is normally earned 125,000 Rapid Rewards points each calendar year. However, only certain types can be accrued, such as Southwest credit card spending and Southwest card sign-up bonuses.

Southwest will give 25,000 Companion Pass points to all Rapid Rewards members in 2021. To qualify for Companion Pass, you will need to have earned 100,000 points by 2021.

Southwest Plus Card 3% Foreign Transaction Fees

The Southwest Plus Card has no foreign transaction fees. This card comes with 3% foreign transaction fees. I would not recommend it for purchases overseas.

Southwest Airlines Plus Card Benefits

The Southwest Plus Card has some great benefits that may make it worth your while. It doesn't offer the greatest benefits, however, because it is Southwest's lowest annual card fee. What are the ongoing benefits of this card?

Southwest Plus Card 3,000 Bonus Points

Every year, you will receive 3,000 bonus point on your anniversary as a Southwest Plus Card cardmember. Southwest Rapid Rewards is a revenue-based frequent traveler program. You will typically need 83 Rapid Rewards Points for each dollar you spend on airfare. That's right, 3,000 Rapid Rewards points will get you $36 worth airfare on Southwest each year.

Every year, earn bonus points for your anniversary

Southwest Plus Card EarlyBird Check-Ins

Two EarlyBird check ins are available with the Southwest Plus Card. This could help you get a better boarding spot and would normally cost $15-25 per check-in, which can potentially be worth $30-50. This is a great perk considering the card's low annual fee.

Southwest Plus Card 25% Discount on Inflight Drinks and Wi-Fi

Southwest Plus Card gives 25% off on all inflight Wi-Fi purchases and beverages Pay with your card and you'll instantly receive a statement credit.

Southwest Plus Card Purchase & Travel Coverage

The Southwest Plus Card provides a range of travel and purchase protection benefits.

Car rental collision damage waiver coverage; it is secondary in the United States and primary internationally

Baggage delay insurance can cover you up to $100 perday for three days if your bag is delayed more than six hours

You can get lost luggage reimbursement up to $3,000 for damaged or lost bags

The maximum amount of coverage for travel accident insurance is $250,000 to500,000 depending on the circumstances

Extended warranty protection is a way to extend your warranty in the United States by one year for eligible warranties that are less than three years.

Purchase protection covers you for up 120 days in case of damage or theft. It can cover up to $500 per claim, and up to $50,000 per account.

For the complete terms and conditions of these benefits, you will need to read the cardmember agreement.

Chase Offers

Chase offers are one of the best features of Chase cards. It allows you to save money on purchases at all types of retailers. This program saved me significant money.

Is the Southwest Plus Card worth it?

The Southwest Plus Card is an excellent entry-level airline credit cards. This card is a good choice if you are looking for a Southwest credit card with a low annual fee.

Every year you will receive a 3,000-point bonus on your cardmember's anniversary, two EarlyBird check ins per year, as well as 25% off on all inflight purchases. These perks are worth more than the annual fee. This does not include the huge welcome bonus.

Personally, I believe there is a better strategy.

Tip: Instead of applying for the Southwest Priority card, apply instead

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Card (review), is my recommendation if you are looking to get a personal Rapid Rewards card. Some people may find the $149 annual fee to be a bit overwhelming. You don't need to pay $149 annually for the card, when you can pay $69 per year. The welcome bonuses are the same.

The benefits are more than worth it, according to my opinion. The Southwest Priority Card offers the following:

Annual 7,500 point anniversary bonus, which is equivalent to $90 worth airfare. This is 4,500 points more than the Plus Card.

A $75 Southwest Airlines travel credit per year, which can be used for any Southwest purchase (the Plus Card does not offer this).

You will receive four upgraded boardings each year, if they are available. The purchase of A1-15 boarding positions on the day you depart is eligible for reimbursement. (The Plus Card provides two EarlyBird Check-ins per annum, but no upgraded Boardings).

For the $149 annual fee, you get points that will earn you $90 worth of Southwest airfare, as well as a $75 Southwest credit each year. Anyone who travels Southwest regularly is basically getting paid for the card. That's $165 worth of value.

This doesn't include the savings on onboard purchases and upgraded boardings. It is an easy card to use.

The Priority Card's benefits are also quite superior to those of the $99 per year Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card (review).

The Southwest Priority Card offers great value

Are You Looking for a Rapid Rewards Business Credit card?

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Credit Card (review) is a great option if you are looking for a Southwest Rapid Reward business credit card. I believe the Southwest Performance Card is the best Southwest credit card.

After spending $5,000 in the first three months, you will receive a welcome bonus of 80,000 Rapid Reward points

A bonus anniversary bonus of 9,000 points Rapid Rewards

Four upgrades per year for boardings

A global entry or TSA Pre-Check credit

Each credit can be used for an $8 WiFi session on Southwest Airlines flights.

Bottom line

The Southwest Plus Card is an excellent entry-level credit card that allows you to earn Rapid Rewards points and not pay a high annual fees. This card offers a huge welcome bonus, 3,000 points per cardmember's anniversary each year, two EarlyBird Check-ins per annum, and 25% off inflight purchases It's a great time to get a Southwest Airlines creditcard.

But I believe there is a better way. I would argue that the $149 per year Southwest Priority Card is the better option due to the incremental benefits. The card also offers a 7,500 point anniversary bonus and a $75 annual Southwest travel credit. This alone should be enough to justify the annual fee.

This post will provide all the information you need about the best credit cards to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards points.

Follow this link to find out more information about the Southwest Plus Card and how you can apply.