Father of cinematographer killed in 'Rust' prop-gun accident places blame not on Alec Baldwin, but on

Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer, was killed on Thursday while filming "Rust." Halyna Hutchins
Halyna Hutchins' father has no resentment for Alec Baldwin's part in the death of his daughter.

Hutchins died in an accident at the set on Thursday when Baldwin shot a prop gun that killed Hutchins while injuring another.

Hutchins' father instead blamed the prop's crew on the set for 'Rust', as the industry reexamines firearm and prop protocols in productions.

Halyna Hutchins' father, Halyna Hutchins was a cinematographer who said that Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun at the set that killed Hutchins.

Anatoly Androsovych (ex-military in Ukraine) instead blamed the film’s prop team for giving Baldwin a dangerous loaded gun, he stated in an interview with The Sun.

"We can't believe Halyna has died, and her mother is still reeling from the loss. Androsovych said that Alec Baldwin is not responsible for the incident, but that it was the responsibility of the gun-handlers.

Hutchins (42), was shot and killed by Joel Souza, the director of "Rust", while on set for Baldwin's western movie. The assistant director Dave Halls gave Baldwin a prop gun. Although it was thought to be empty, it contained a "single living round".

Matthew Hutchins first told Olga Androsovych, Hutchins mother, and Svetlana Hutchins, about the accident. The family is currently arranging their visas to visit the US to support Hutchins and his nine-year old son, Andros.

Androsovych said that Andros was very hurt." "He's lost without his mother."

"How could this negligence have been allowed by such a team? This is an absurd coincidence. Hutchins' sister spoke out against the props team, telling The Sun. "I don’t know where the investigation will take me, but there are many possibilities. It's hard to bear the pain of it all, but God knows. We want to be with Halyna and her husband, to show our support.

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A number of crew members from the film's set expressed concern about the safety of the gun set one week prior to the tragic accident. One crew member wrote a message to the unit production manager of the set, which was reviewed by the LA Times. It stated that the set had already suffered three accidental gun discharges. Baldwin's stunt double accidentally discharged two rounds of what he believed was a "cold gun". To protest the poor working conditions, camera operators also marched off the set hours prior to Hutchins' incident.

Insider previously heard Matthew Hutchins say that there weren't any words to describe the situation.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees mourned Hutchins' passing. He was a "rising star in cinematography." Many filmmakers have called for the end of firearm blanks. They are considered an "unnecessary danger" by many.

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