Dune Is Dune Pretty Good at the Box Office

Thanks to Halloween Kills and Venom 2, October has seen a decent box office, but there was some uncertainty over what would happen with Dune. Warner Bros. is fortunate to see the Denis Villeneuve movies doing well in their first theatrical run.


Deadlines reported that Frank Herbert's new adaptation has made $40.1 million in its first weekend. This makes it the largest domestic opening of Villeneuve's career. It was previously expected to earn between $30 and $35 million. However, it is now the eighth film from WB. This year, the film opened at #1 at the box-office. The film has been in international release for weeks. It has now earned $87.5 million and is now at $220.7million. According to the Hollywood Reporter, IMAX and other large format screens account for half of the film's opening weekend.

Franchises are taking the weekend globally: Kills now stands at $91 Million worldwide and Venom now stands at $352 mil. No Time to Die also achieved its milestone of $525 million. Forbes says it is the second-largest Hollywood release after F9 which earned $716 million earlier in the year.

Villeneuves has been insistent for several months that people should see Dune in theaters for the full immersion. Even though it is also available on HBO Max, Villeneuves has not changed his mind. When WB announced their dual-streaming plan, this movie was one of the biggest selling points. It seems to have lived up to its hype with critics and fans alike. It will be interesting to see if it has a long tail and if enough will allow for a sequel, which Villeneuve hopes to get to.

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