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This is the perfect time to get a fitness watch that can withstand cold weather. Amazon has a Garmin smartwatch sale that offers up to 52 percent discount on the purchase price. However, the sweetest deals might be found in the middle of this pack. The Forerunner 45, a running-oriented product, is now at an all-time low $120 (40%) while the Vivoactive 4, a general-purpose product is at an all-time low $190 (46%).

Forerunner 935 is the most expensive at $240, or 52 percent off. However, deals are available for the Forerunner 45S as well as Venu Sq music.

If you are just beginning to take your fitness seriously, the Forerunner 45 is a solid option. The Forerunner 45 can be used to track your heart rate, as well as detailed stats such as max oxygen volume for activities such yoga, running, and more. The Vivoactive 4 adds Pulse Ox monitoring, local music playback via services like Spotify, and animated workout instructions that you can follow on the wrist. Both smartwatches are long-lasting with a range of seven to eight days in regular mode and up to six to fourteen hours of GPS-based usage.

These caveats have more to do the Garmin's focus and the age of the designs. Forerunner 45, Vivoactive 4, and Vivoactive 4 were both released in 2019. They are still supported, but won't have the same features as the latest models. Garmin places fitness ahead of other smartwatch features, and there's no doubt about that. A rich app ecosystem is not available with Garmin's Apple Watch or Wear OS devices. You won't mind if you are more interested in optimizing the workout than checking the weather, especially at these low prices.

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