Dune: Rebecca Ferguson, Lady Jessica

Denis Villeneuves Dune focuses on Timothe Chalamets Paul Atreides rise to prominence in galaxy. However, it wouldn't be possible without Lady Jessica. Jessica, played by Rebecca Ferguson, is the lover of Duke Leto, Oscar Isaac, and the member of the Bene Gesserit witches. She has been subtly orchestrating the events that led to Atreides' journey to Arrakis, which could lead to a whole galactic revolution.


Jessicas has a lot on her plate. Fergusson recently gave two interviews, one of which contains spoilers! How Villeneuve and she brought this character to life. She was a complete newcomer to the franchise and wasn't sure if she wanted to take the role. She recalled to Variety that she wanted to be poised and regal, a role she has done many times before. You would be literally a teapot for me. But I don't think that is the right role for me.

This Dune is a remake of 1984's cult-classic adaptation by David Lynch. Francesca Annis played Lady Jessica. Although Ferguson's portrayal of the character was evidently influenced by it, Annis soon created her own version of Jessica. Indiewire spoke to her about Jessica's inner rebellion, and her love. Her belief in her own abilities and her love for Leto is greater than any quest she is given. This is a great starting point for characters and a journey.

Ferguson cited two scenes from the film as an example of Jessica's inner strength. The first is before Atreides' journey to Arrakis. It sees her character performing the Litany Against Fear. This iconic quote belongs to Paul, but was given to Jessica instead. She eventually gets there. Ferguson stated that this is her character. Ferguson said she can be in the background but still be the most powerful person in the room.

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The second occurs at the end, when Jessica and Paul join forces with Fremen. Jessica's face changes as her son walks past her. It becomes a more serious expression. Ferguson was the one who captured that moment as they shot the scene. Denis and me were playing with various things and Ferguson saw it as Ferguson stepping down as parents must. She is able to tell when it is time to let go and allow space. We feel that it is not over. This too will pass.

Dunes' future as a franchise seems to be in flux. She hopes that Shell gets the chance to continue Jessicas story. She said that it would be sad, empty, and strange to let the character go. She knows exactly what lies ahead for her character and is eager to make it a reality. If she could, she would even make the sequels. Let's all just make a little money and try our own version. Let's just film it, if we can't get someone else to do it. You guys, I have a huge garden!


Dune is available now on HBO Max and in theaters.

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