Tesla hikes prices across its EV lineup

Tesla is not afraid to raise prices for its EVs. However, this latest round was more aggressive than others. Electrek reports that Tesla has increased the prices of all four of its in production vehicles over the past two days. Model Y and Model 3 base variants are now $2,000 more and start at $43,990, $56,990. Spring for the Model S or Model X will cost you $5,000 at respective prices of $94,990, $104,990.
Your order will take a while to arrive. The Model 3 entry arrives in June 2022, with larger wheels, and September in the regular configuration. In both cases, the Model Y arrives one-month earlier. The Model S will arrive in June, while the Model X will not appear until September.

Tesla has not explained the price rises, as is so often the case. Of course, production woes could play a significant part. Tesla has stopped producing Model S cars for the first half 2021 and is now facing supply shortages that can't be overcome by rising demand. Tesla could benefit from higher prices to offset the negative impact of supply shortages on its bottom line and help it catch up with cooling demand.