Here's an exclusive 1st look at 'Battlestar Galactica: Designing Spaceships' from Hero Collector

Each incarnation "Battlestar Galactica", has featured some the most beautiful spacecraft ever created in science fiction. This is what the new book "Battlestar Galactica - Designing Spaceships" shows.
Hero Collector, the same talented people behind all the incredible sci-fi spacecraft models, has launched a new "Battlestar Galactica” compendium. It focuses solely on the conceptual artwork that was used to create the spacecraft in the original and reimagined series.

Pre-order "Battlestar Galactica : Designing Spaceships" now at Amazon for $34.95 It can be pre-ordered directly at Hero Collector for 20.99 (about $29 US) and you will save 7 on the regular 27.99 price.

This book contains 202 pages full of amazing artwork. It also features original designs by Ralph McQuarrie, Andrew Probert, and Eric Chu. The book also includes information about the design and interviews with the people behind them. Mark Wright, the author of the book, is an avid fan of Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica: Designing Spaceships Battlestar Galactica: Designing Spaceships (Hero Collector): $34.95 at Amazon View Deal

"Growing up, my obsession with spaceships and radiation guns was strong. The original series Galactica is one of the most iconic screen starships. He said that he had put it up there with Enterprise, the Liberator from Blake's 7', and the Eagle transporter of Space: 1999'.

The best sci-fi movies have some of the most beautiful conceptual art ever created. All you need to do is to look at the work Syd Mead or Rob Cobb. They are the legendaries behind many of the iconic production designs in "Blade Runner", "Alien", "Robot Jox," and many other films. The artwork associated with Battlestar Galactica has been published for the first-time.

"From McQuarries' original Galactica design to its Cylon counterparts, through the digitally rendered, modern equivalents, we have uncovered the stories behind their creation. Wright stated that while we tried to cover as much as possible, there will be omissions due to lost concept art and CG renders due to TV production schedules and years.

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From the beginning, "Battlestar Galactica's" launch tubes and hanger areas were iconic elements. (Image credit: Hero collector)

Tragically, many of these great artists have passed away. McQuarrie died in March 2012; Mead in September 2019, Cobb in September 2020. This production design method will be less common due to the advancements in technology. The book includes designs from "Blood & Chrome", the prequel series. This story is set prior to the events of the reimagined series, in the first Cylon War. It focuses on Lt. William Adama (played here by Luke Pasqualino), a young Viper pilot. It is only 90 minutes in length and was first broadcast online in 2012. It was shorter than the 2004 four-season show and required improvisation. CGI was also used extensively.

The production design required backward engineering by both the Colonial Viper Mk II as well as the Cylon Raider from 2004 in order to produce earlier versions. This was also possible because it was all done electronically.

"There wasn't much detail, because they had already laid the foundations for the reimagined series. So that chapter is a little different from the rest of the book. Doug Drexler, the computer graphics supervisor, was on the ground at that show and was able give us some commentary about these ships. It's more like a commentary chapter, as it was produced in a different way to the original series. Wright stated that the leap in digital VFX techniques made by this stage was immense.

Designers had to imagine what Ron Moore's successor to the Viper might look for his reimagining. (Image credit: Hero Collector)

Wright has interviewed many of the brilliant minds behind "Battlestar Galactica", including Pierre Drolet and Ray Lai, and created stunning artwork and new illustrations.

Wright stated, "In the production and publication of this book we have been granted invaluable insights from the concept and storyboard artist, CG supervisors and digital model makers that brought these ships on the screen," Wright said.

The chapter that covers the Blackbird is one of his favorites. This was an entirely new concept in the BSG universe. The epic episode "Flight of the Phoenix", which tells the story of its creation, is S02, E09. Chief Tyrol (Aaron Douglas), frustrated by the shrinking number of Vipers available due to battle damage, loss and wear-and tear, begins to build a new fighter. Although his idea is initially ridiculed, many people see it as a creative outlet and a way to distract from the despair of their situation.

In the mini-series, the Colonial fleet's shipyards were mentioned as having been destroyed by the Cylon attack. (Image credit: Hero Collector)

But, there are no replacement parts available. Tyrol is left wondering where he can find enough metal to build the plane's skin. This is until Lt. Agathon, Tahmoh Penikett, suggests that he use a carbon composite, which is a material that isn't yet in short supply aboard the Battlestar. In one of the most memorable episodes of "Battlestar Galactica," the first colonial stealth fighter is built.

Wright laughs, "Oh yeah. I love that chapter." It's because the Blackbird was created by the effects team and not the art department. It was physically built from scratch, rather than being first designed. It's great to see the many sketches that show different parts of the construction, which were drawn as they went. It's amazing that we were able cover all of this in such detail in the book.

Pre-order "Battlestar Galactica : Designing Spaceships" now at Amazon for $34.95 Pre-order the book from Hero Collector for 20.99 (roughly $29 USD), and you'll save 7 on the regular 27.99 price.

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