Kenan Thompson's perfect 'SNL' game show returns to waste Oscar Isaac's time

Kenan Thompson is the best at wasting time with famous people.
Jason Sudeikis hosted Saturday Night Live, which gave Jason the opportunity to bring back "What's up with That?" The Kenan show? Interview show with celebrities? It's unclear what the purpose of the show is. The whole thing is a repetitive and overly long theme song that slaps on everyone's time.

After Thompson, there are three constants to this sketch: Jason Sudeikis is the tracksuit-wearing dancer, Fred Armisen plays the sax-wailing Giuseppe and Bill Hader plays Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham. Sudeikis hosted the event, so he was there. Armisen is always available for such things, so he was also there. We had Succession's Nicholas Braun instead, who Thompson's host kept confused for Buckingham wearing a "Cousin Greg".

The stars, Oscar Isaac and Emily Ratajkowski round out the celebrity panel. But don't expect too much from them. This is the point.