Two police officers in Connecticut accused of drinking and ignoring calls while on duty resign from their job

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Two officers from Norwalk Police were arrested for drinking while on duty and resigned earlier in the month.

CBS New York reported that police said Sarah Laudano, and Michael DiMeglio were fired last year for drinking and neglecting to answer calls.

They are both facing multiple charges, including reckless endangerment and larceny.

According to reports, two Connecticut police officers resigned earlier in the month after being accused of drinking while in patrol cars and failing to respond to service calls.

Thomas Kulhawik, Chief of Norwalk Police, stated that the officers, identified by Michael DiMeglio (39) and Sarah Laudano (31) resigned on October 15, The Hour reported.

Kulhawik stated to the newspaper, "I'm glad this incident is now behind me from a department standpoint."

CBS New York reported that the couple were suspended after being discovered at a hotel together.

CT Insider, citing an arrest warrant, claims that the duo were found by their supervisor the night of Oct 9, 2020. Cops stated that they were "not in a position to respond to calls for services."

According to the warrant, authorities found broken beer bottles at the school during their investigation. This was believed to be linked to both officers.

According to the warrant, Laudano was also charged with driving after having drunk, along with a baby and another person, according the newspaper.

CT Insider reported that DiMeglio, Laudano and others were later detained in January 2021. They are currently facing reckless endangerment and larceny charges. According to reports, Laudano was also charged for a risk of injury to minors.

The Hour was informed by Mayor Harry Rilling that the "incident" was "truly shocking and disappointing", and that DiMeglio, Laudano had "made the right choice" in resigning as Norwalk Police Department officers.

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