Jason Sudeikis brought his 'Ted Lasso' earnestness to a heartfelt 'SNL' monologue

Saturday Night Live's host Jason Sudeikis explained the unexplainable success of Ted Lasso's Apple TV+ hit in a monologue joke. "It's truly surprising to me because it revolves around two things Americans hate, soccer and kindness."
Although there wasn't much of the latter in this monologue a genuine kindness that should be familiar to Lasso fans did take center stage in Sudeikis opening set. The former SNL cast member took a moment to savor Studio 8H's surroundings, rather than delivering a torrent of one-liners during his monologue.

"This is a historic place. Take a moment to look around. He said, "Like for real." Think about the brilliance that has happened here. Then he continues to riff on famous sketches from Wild and Crazy Guys, Wayne's World, and SNL heroes "[Chris] Farley and Gilda [Radner], Eddie Murphy, Tina [Fey]". He also references musical legends such as Kanye West, Elvis Costello and Rolling Stones.

He quickly returns to the humor, self-deprecatingly telling first-time viewers that it "probably won't make a difference in your life." The genuine Sudeikis continues to linger. This is what makes Lasso so unique, and this monologue gives us a glimpse at why the actor behind that character makes it work.