The Dallas Cowboys are back and fans of 'America's Team' are elated over the NFL's richest franchise

Dak Prescott #4, Dallas Cowboys, fumbles for the ball during the fourth quarter against New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough on October 17, 2021. Maddie Meyer | Getty Images Sport | Getty Images
In over 25 years, the Dallas Cowboys has not won a Super Bowl. They have only had four playoff wins in their 25-year history. The Cowboys are still the most valuable NFL franchise. They have six Super Bowl wins to their credit, surpassing the New England Patriots who have won six since Dallas took home the Vince Lombardi trophy. Despite decades of failure, the Cowboys remain in the news despite their brand being almost universally known. Terrell Owens, a former wide receiver for the NFL, said that Cowboys' slogan "kind of sticks." Terrell Owens played from 2006 to 2008 for the Cowboys. They are America's Team. The gridiron is now exciting for fans. The Cowboys are now 5-1 after an injury-plagued season last year, which saw them finish 6-10. They lead the NFC East division with three games. America's team is back. Scott Rosner, Columbia University's director of the sports management program, said, "Love them or hate them they are an iconic brand in the NFL." They are relevant regardless of which side you are on, whether you're on either the love or hate side. The Cowboys are at their best since 2016's rookie season, quarterback Dak Prescott's. Prescott has been a leader in passing through six games, fulfilling his four-year $160m contract. Prescott suffered a compound fracture to his right ankle during week six against New York Giants, which ended his last season. Prescott is receiving plenty of help from Amari Cooper, the highest-paid NFL receiver and Ezekiel Elliott, the most costly running back. These three are the Cowboys' new big trio, leading an offense that ranks second in rushing yards but fifth in passing. The defense has also performed well. The defense has also held up despite giving up the third most yards. However, they lead the NFL with 11 interceptions, including seven from cornerback Trevon Diggs. Fans are downright thrilled. According to the NFL Shop, Cooper's jersey and CeeDee Lamb's wide receiver jersey are the most popular in the league. With an average attendance of 93,335 at each of its three home games, the team is leading the NFL in attendance. Forbes estimates that the Cowboys' value is $6.5 billion. This makes them the most valuable U.S. team. Forbes estimates that Jerry Jones, who bought the team over 30 years ago has seen his wealth rise to $10.6 billion. Clarence Hill, a long-time Cowboys beat reporter for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, stated that the Cowboys haven't won since 1995. "Jerry bought them in 1989 and they were still in the tank. Hill would tell you that the team was worth 50 cents per dollar, even considering its history. Hill stated that they have grown to be the richest team and have yet to win anything since the 1995-96 season. The playoffs will be the final test of their success. There are 11 regular-season games remaining. Jones is a fan favorite who believes that there's greatness ahead. Here's what Michael Irvin, a former Cowboys receiver, said earlier this week on ESPN's "First Take." He stated that he wanted everyone out there Cowboys Nation to know: "I want you all to know, go get your Super Bowl tickets. Make sure you get them as soon as possible. "I'm here to help."

Deion Sanders, cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, holds the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy. He is walking off the field towards the locker room after defeating Pittsburgh Steelers 28 January at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. The Cowboys won 27-17. AFP

Becoming America's team

January 1996 was the Cowboys' last appearance in the big game. They defeated the Steelers 27-17. The big three were quarterback Troy Aikman and running back Emmitt Scott Smith. These same three men led the Cowboys' Super Bowl victories in 1993 and 1994. The Cowboys have a record of 213-193 since their last NFL championship. The Cowboys are currently 0-10 in playoff elimination matches and have had six head coaches. Barry Switzer was the last Super Bowl-winning coach, and he left following 1997 season. Jones was criticized by the fans for his poor performance and for maintaining such tight control over the team. He is still the president and general manager. According to the Cowboys website, Stephen Jones is his son and chief operating officer. Jones has managed to keep the Cowboys relevant, profitable and profitable. This is a rare feat in sports, where many teams lose games while making money.

Hill of The Star-Telegram said that it's because they are America's Team, and the intentional marketing power and power of NFL. All that is combined. "All that comes together" is the America's Team moniker. It was first used by Tex Schramm in 1978 as a retrospective of the season. From 1966 to 1985, the Cowboys won 20 consecutive winning seasons. They also won two of five Super Bowls. Roger Staubach, the Cowboys' quarterback, was a star as was Tony Dorsett, their running back. Tom Landry, the head coach, was known for his cool demeanor and trademark fedora. Garry Cobb, a former Cowboys linebacker, said that Landry was ahead of the NFL in strategy. Cobb started his career with the Cowboys back in 1979 and returned ten years later. Cobb, 64, recalls the days when pro football was dominated by the Cowboys. Cobb said, "When I was a kid, the Cowboys were more popular than anyone else in America." They had a winning record each year. This is how they became famous. The fame he gained as a player was then his. He said, "When we entered a hotel the building was crowded." It was amazing. It was already very popular. Hill, who has been covering the team since 1996, stated that the atmosphere in the team never diminished. Hill stated, "It's always been a circus." "And when you come to the Cowboys as either a player or coach, you have to understand that the dinner is included." It is important to be able navigate this as well as playing football.

Terrell Owens, wide receiver #81 for the Dallas Cowboys, celebrates his third touchdown against Houston Texans at Texas Stadium in Irving. October 15, 2006. The Cowboys beat the Texans by 34-6. Ronald Martinez | Getty Images

Terrell Owens enjoyed the drama and told fans to "get your popcorn ready." Owens, who was a Cowboys player for three of his 16 NFL seasons, said, "You feel it, and it's obvious." "You want the Cowboys to expect you to play up to their standards. It's different in Dallas than it is in Cincinnati or Buffalo. After leaving the Cowboys, Owens was a member of both teams.

Cowboys leverage state rights

Former president of CBS Sports Neal Pilson stated that the network used America's Team slogans during its Cowboys telecasts. The Cowboys were a constant feature on CBS until the 1990s when it had NFC rights. Pilson stated, "We helped to build that label." It stuck. Although the Cowboys won, the business was still in decline. The league made all the major financial decisions and team owners didn't engage with sponsors or companies directly. Jones purchased the Cowboys in 1989 for $150 million, which was the highest price paid for a team. Jones warned that things would change. Jones stated in 1989, according to the New York Times. "I will not leave anything to football people." Schramm resigned and Jones was appointed general manager. Jimmy Johnson, a college coach, was hired to replace Landry who had been the Cowboys' only coach for the first 29 years. Jones took over the NFL's 75 year business philosophy. The league controlled how revenue was generated and most NFL teams were not profitable. Jones discovered loopholes in NFL contracts that allowed him to break the league's pacts, and make money for his team. The Cowboys broke with their league partner Coca-Cola in 1995 and signed a Pepsi deal for "pouring rights" to their home stadium. The agreement, which was valued at $20 million over ten years, was a blow to Coke's NFL contract worth $250 million. Jones was sued by the NFL for $300 million.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, welcomes fans at River Ridge Complex training camp on July 24, 2021 in Oxnard. Getty Images Sport

"Prior that deal, there weren't teams engaging in vigorous local business operations," stated Columbia's Rosner. "You were basically selling tickets and ads, but not what it's today." Jerry challenged the system." Both sides eventually settled and Jones was allowed to keep his sponsors. The other teams followed Jones' lead. Cobb said, "He was showing them the way to make money." Cobb said, "Now all the teams do this they have league sponsors as well as team sponsors." Forbes reports that the Cowboys raked in nearly $1 billion revenue for both the 2019 NFL season and the 2020 NFL season. Pepsi still holds the pouring rights. AT&T holds the naming rights for the stadium. It is a multi-billion-dollar building, often called Jerry World. Ford also owns the rights to the practice area. Fanatics signed a 10-year agreement to take over Cowboys' e-commerce. CNBC was told by Fanatics that the Cowboys are leading all NFL teams in merchandise sales. This has been true for the Cowboys in eight of their previous eight seasons. Rosner stated that all metrics surrounding the Cowboys are better than any other team.

Get help from the major markets

A geographical advantage also benefits the Cowboys. They are in the NFC East division, which includes teams from the major markets of New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. However, none of these cities is within 1,300 miles of Dallas. Ed Schauder, who is the head of the sports law department at Phillips Nizer in New York, said that Texas has a team in the NFC East. It makes no sense but there are natural national rivalries. Jones has unprecedented access to the best TV markets in every NFL season, having played twice per year against the Eagles and Giants as well as the Washington Football Team. Jones was not involved in the creation of the divisional structure, but he has made sure to make use of it. Pilson stated that Jones probably recognized the marketing potential of regular opponents. He probably saw the marketing value of their regular opponents every year. With the NFL structure, there are two games into New York City and Philadelphia each year. Fox Sports, which controls the NFC package now says Cowboys games account to nine of the 10 most-watched NFL matches since 1994. On Thanksgiving, November 2016, the Cowboys' game against Washington attracted 35.1 million viewers on average. The season's opening, a Thursday night game against the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers attracted 24.4 millions viewers on NBC Sports. It was the most-watched Kickoff Game since 2015. CBS reported that the Cowboys' game against Brady's team, the New England Patriots attracted 23.2 million viewers on average last week. It was the most-watched National Game for the network since 2015. Pilson stated, "If they're in contention to win the division and make it to the postseason," The Cowboys' stars are making a lot of money from the publicity. Forbes reports that Prescott bought a 20% stake at the sports-theme restaurant and eatery Walk-Ons in order to get $10 million in endorsements off-field. This was third-highest among NFL stars. Only Patrick Mahomes ($22million) and Brady ($31million) are ahead of him as Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. Fox and CBS's lead NFL announcers are Tony Romo and Aikman, respectively. Irvin is employed by ESPN. Smith worked for ESPN and has still signed deals with companies such as Marriott. Schauder said, "They benefit from that branding." Sponsors and endorsers seek out players who are most visible. Reality TV is another option. The Cowboys were featured on HBO's "Hard Knocks," which follows a team through pre-season training camp. Country Music Television also has a Cowboys cheerleaders show. Schauder stated that the cheerleaders' show was not part of a media deal.

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott (4) throws a pass during a regular season game between Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on September 9, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida. Icon Sportswire

Are the Cowboys still America’s Team?