'Beautiful' 900-year-old Crusader sword discovered by diver off the coast of Israel

A 1100-year-old iron sword was found off the coast Israel.
Unsuspecting divers were on a scuba diving trip when they came across the treasure.

After it is fully examined, the sword will be displayed to the public.

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An Israeli scuba diver discovered a sword that dates back to 900 years ago off the coast of Israel.

It was nearly 4 feet long and had been home to a group of marine organisms. The sword was believed to be the property of a Crusader, who traveled to the Holy Land in 1100AD.

Israel's Antiquities Authority stated that the diver was diving in northern Israel on a weekend and came across a cache of ancient treasures. These treasures included pottery, anchors, and a sword measuring a meter long.

Yaakov Sharvit is the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Marine Archaeology Unit. He holds a sword dating back to the Crusades. It was found by an amateur diver off the coast of Caesarea in Israel on October 18, 2021. Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Experts believe that the natural cove, located near Haifa port, was once used to shelter ancient ships. Therefore, many archaeological discoveries have been made in the area.

According to AP, the diver saved the sword from getting lost in the shifting sand and took it ashore to deliver it to the Antiquities Authority of Israel.

Nir Distelfeld, an inspector with the authority's robbery prevent unit, said that although it was found encrusted in marine organisms, it is believed to be made of iron. It is thrilling to come across such a personal object. You are transported back in time 900 years to another era with knights, armor and swords.

A sword thought to have belonged to a Crusader is found on the shore near where it was discovered off the coast of Caesarea in Israel, October 18, 2021. Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Shlomi Katzin, a diver, was awarded a certificate of appreciation after his historic discovery.

According to The Times of Israel, the government has confirmed that the sword will be made available for public viewing once its analysis is complete.