Fox News anchor Chris Wallace stated that Jen Psaki is at her best as press secretary.
Fox News' Peter Doocy asked Psaki about Biden's trip to the US-Mexico Border.

Psaki stated that Biden does not need to travel to Mexico for a photo-op.

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, despite his criticisms of Biden's administration, said that Jen Psaki was "one of our best press secretaries" during a segment of Friday's White House press conference.

Psaki fought with Wallace's Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy during the briefing. He had made remarks about President Joe Biden's comments at a CNN town hall Thursday, claiming that he was to the border between the US and Mexico.

Psaki stated that Biden is "well-versed" on all aspects of the country's immigration system. He has been to Mexico and Central America as Vice President, and worked on bipartisan reforms.

He doesn't need to visit the border to see the mess left behind by the previous administration. Psaki stated that this was his view and added that Biden had made a drive-through visit to the border in 2008.

Doocy asked Doocy if that counts as a visit. Doocy asked him if he had been there before. He said, "I drove by. Does that count as a trip?"

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Psaki responded that Biden doesn't need to travel to the border for a photo op, something she claimed former President Donald Trump was focusing on. She said that Biden's approach on immigration reform would be different from Trump's.

Trump visited the border several times during his term. One trip he claimed was a photo opportunity and that it was not going to change anything.

Wallace stated that he reacted to the exchange by saying that Doocy as well as Psaki were "at the top" of their game, even comparing Doocy with Sam Donaldson who was the chief White House correspondent for ABC News during Reagan's administration.

In an episode of NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross, "Confronting President" (1987), Donaldson was described as a reporter who was known for his aggressive and loud approach to questioning Ronald Reagan.

Wallace said, "And because I was working as a press corps member when Sam Donaldson was there,"

Wallace stated that he didn't know if anything was accomplished from the exchange, but that Doocy (and Psaki) both "gave" and "got pretty good."


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