Leos are most likely to get vaccinated, say Utah officials. Is it written in the stars?

This is exciting news for those who believe enough in science to want mass vaccinations, but not enough in horoscopes to believe they are fake. Utah's Salt Lake County health department has revealed that there is a significant difference in vaccination rates depending upon your Zodiac sign.
Officials found that at least this is what they discovered when they examined anonymised data from 1.2million people. They also created a table with the most and least vaccinated star sign signs.

We're going to leave this place now that Mercury has risen.

(and yes, this is based on data) pic.twitter.com/fOxBHaDPvY Salt Lake Health (@SaltLakeHealth) October 19, 2021

According to the results, Leos, who are the most compassionate, were 70% more likely to be vaccinated than people born under the Aquarius sign (67%). Only 46% of Scorpios, the most evil star sign, were vaccinated. Virgos (50%) were close behind.

Is that the whiff you can smell of truth or someone who is obsessed with horoscopes and burning sage?

Scope of the data

This study could be less about Leo's generous nature and more about the importance to even distributions.

Alvin Chang, Guardian US's head of data and visuals, is the author. It's all here:

The county needed to determine how many people in each sign were vaccinated. They had to use two numbers.

Salt Lake County used anonymized state data to determine how many people are vaccinated for each Zodiac sign. This is likely to be accurate.

The number of people who are Zodiac signs in a county: This was calculated by using data from the University of Texas Austin. They assumed that their county would have a similar distribution.

However, the distribution of when people are born can differ from one state to another and from one county to the next.

This is made clearer when you look at the second table that shows how common each Zodiac sign is in America.

This table is almost identical to the one for vaccination. Although Scorpios were last on the Salt Lakes table regarding vaccination, they were the most prominent star sign in the US. This is because Americans tend to procreate during the holiday period. Leos, Aquariuses were the opposite. They are the Zodiac signs that are least commonly found in the US but are the most prominent in the vaccination table.

Alvin believes it's possible that Salt Lake County's Zodiac sign distribution may be more uniform than nationwide. Leos, one of the most common signs, have the highest vaccination rates. The county may be undercounting Leos.

Astrology is not superscientific

The Guardian spoke with Salt Lake City Health officials about their research limitations.

To the dismay and horror of horoscope lovers everywhere, Nicholas Rupp, spokesperson for Salt Lake's health department, stated that it is not scientific as we are talking about astrology.

Rupp said that the math was very fast. He claims the idea for the study was conceived after someone from the informatics team made a joke about analyzing vaccination rates by star signs.

We thought we could use this to continue the discussion about vaccination in a time of so much message fatigue. People get tired of hearing it. He says, "Let's give it a new spin."

Rupp, who had never been a star sign expert before, stated that the tweet had definitely sparked conversation.

I hear it is not surprising that Scorpios are bottom because they are distrustful. He said that they are very private and added: I'm learning all about Astrology, which has been great fun.

There has been some criticism. He has been criticized by some hardcore horoscope enthusiasts for analyzing data according to Sun signs rather than Moon signs.

I would like to thank the Leos for their achievements and congratulate them on reaching the top. They knew that they were meant to be there. Rupp stated that they deserve to be there and are proving it. However, I don't want the Leos resting on their laurels. 70% is not 100%.

I want to say to the Scorpios that being outgoing and influential is their key to controlling the dark side of the zodiac. He said that vaccination is the key to that kind of influence.