A fire broke out on a cargo ship after about 40 shipping containers fell overboard due to rough seas off the coast of Vancouver Island

Images taken from the U.S Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles helicopter. US Coast Guard
When a cargo ship struck rough seas Friday, around 40 shipping containers were lost.

Saturday's fire started on the Zim Kingston, a ship that was anchored close to Vancouver Island.

Officials from the US and Canada are closely monitoring the situation. They have also taken responsibility for some containers containing "hazardous material".

Officials said that a fire broke out on Saturday at the Zim Kingston cargo ship. It had lost 40 containers off Canada's Vancouver Island yesterday.

In a tweet, the US Coast Guard stated that they are monitoring overboard shipping containers after an inbound vessel on its way to Canada encountered rough seas. Some of the containers were seen floating in open ocean photos shared by the coast guard.

According to the US Coast Guard, 35 floating containers were located Friday. Five containers were still missing as of Saturday. Officials warned other vessels not to go near the area because the containers could be "partially submerged and not easily visible", according to the Vancouver Sun.

According to the Canadian Coast Guard, the outlet was informed that some containers that were lost contained hazardous materials and that they would be inspected for pollution threats and hazards.

According to the Canadian Coast Guard, the ship caught fire while it was anchored close to Victoria one day after the containers were removed from the Zim Kingston. Jasmine Bala, CHEK News reporter, said that the fire broke out in containers that had been damaged and were still aboard.

Bala was informed by the Canadian Coast Guard that two of six containers on fire contained "hazardous material". The Coast Guard also stated that 10 crew members had been evacuated, while 11 are still aboard the ship. There have been no injuries.

The Canadian Coast Guard declared an emergency zone around Zim Kingston in warning of other vessels. Two containers that have fallen are found near the vessel. Take care.

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