Halyna Hutchins' Husband and Son Spotted at Santa Fe Hotel

Halyna Hutchins' son and husband are moving... it seems they have arrived in the area where the DP was injured on set.
Matt Hutchins was seen with his son Saturday at a Santa Fe hotel. This is not far from Halyna's location for a new movie featuring Alec Baldwin.

As you can see, the Hutchins seem somber while they haul their luggage. They are likely in town to retrieve Halyna’s body and handle any other matters related to the investigation into her death.

They weren't the only ones there - photos show Alec Baldwin with his son Alec Baldwin coming and going to the hotel. As they were carrying their luggage inside, they were reported to have been seen having breakfast together and even getting into a physical relationship.

Alec previously stated that he had been in touch with Matt... and then he shared how devastated he was for them.

We reported that Alec was carrying the gun that had been fired during filming. It ended up striking Halyna and eventually killing her. He was apparently given a gun with live rounds inside. Alec was practicing gun-slinging in preparation for a scene he was about to film, in which Alec was trying to get the gun out of its holster.

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