Bob Woodward finds 'seven conspiratorial actions' by Trump and Bannon

Bob Woodward, an investigative journalist, said that his reporting revealed "seven conspiratorial acts" between Steve Bannon and former President Donald Trump as part of an effort against the 2020 election.
Woodward claimed he has made a new discovery. His book, Peril, was co-authored with Robert Costa of the Washington Post. It outlines the outline for a scandal similar to Watergate, which is currently being investigated by a House select panel.

"I looked at the book and saw that we had the dots. Woodward stated that they didn't connect the dots, even though they were there in a CNN interview on Thursday.

Trump and Bannon have conspired to destroy and subvert the certification process for who the next president will be. It's almost like Watergate, if you think about it.

Woodward, who was part of the Nixon administration's 1970 Watergate scandal with Carl Bernstein, appeared on the air after John Berman, CNN's John Berman, played a clip showing Rep. Liz Cheney (a member of the Jan.6 panel) tying Trump and Bannon during the Capitol riot.

Cheney stated that "it appears that Mr. Bannon had substantial advance knowledge of Jan. 6's plans and likely played an important role in formulating them." "Mr. Bannon was present in the Willard's 'war room' on Jan. 6. He appears to also have extensive knowledge about the president's attempts to sell millions of Americans fraud that the election was stolen.


For much of 2017, Bannon was Trump's White House chief strategy officer. He was Trump's White House chief strategist for much of 2017. Bannon was a senior adviser to the effort to reverse the 2020 election results. It was centered at what were called "command centers" at Willard InterContinental Washington hotels.

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Woodward took out a page of notes, and he went through some of the "conspiratorial acts" he had mentioned.

Woodward paraphrasing Peril quotes, said that Bannon spoke to Trump Dec. 30 and stated, "You've got a dramatic return Washington." Trump is in Mar-a-Lago and he's planning to have the New Years Eve party down there. But he returns and Bannon tells Trump that he has to call Vice President Pence from the ski slopes. Pence's staff, advisers and aides have sort of kept him away, knowing that he will have to certify or determine what he's doing about the next president in less than a week. Bannon then says to Trump, "Jan. The moment of reckoning is at 6 and if we challenge the legitimacy Biden's presidency, it casts an overshadow on the presidency. And then, he declares, 'We will kill the presidency of Biden in the crib. It was the violence on Jan. 6 that manifested, the violent language. 6.

"Then, as Liz Cheney pointed out, Bannon met with Rudy Giuliani, their phony Republicans to block the certification. Then, you put all of this in, and Trump made a fake statement at the time that this is on public record. He and Pence had agreed that Pence has power to walk away, essentially getting Trump certified as president. Woodward said that this is completely false.

Despite Trump's pressure and the chaos of Jan. 6, Pence didn't try to send the results back in certain states Trump lost in November. He actually sent a letter to Congress stating that he didn't have the power to reject Electoral College ballots, further proving Trumps hope of denying a Biden victory.

Thursday's House vote placed Bannon under contempt of Congress after she defied a subpoena issued by the select committee. Prior to that, Cheney, a Republican said that Trump's and Bannon's arguments that the relevant information is protected by executive privilege "appear" to have revealed that Trump was involved in planning and execution of Jan. 6.


Bannon could be subject to fines of up to $100,000 and imprisonment for up to one year if he is convicted by the Justice Department. Woodward predicted that the Justice Department would go further and appoint an additional counsel.

"We have a very clear case. "I would think it's possible that Attorney General Merrick Galrland will appoint an independent counsel to examine this case, as the evidence points to a Watergate-style effort to stop the election of a president," Woodward stated.

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