‘We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth’: NASA leader suggests UFOs could be aliens

NASA's leader suggested that UFOs could be extraterrestrial life forms, or even beings from another universe.
Bill Nelson, President Joe Biden's NASA administrator, stated Tuesday that he doesn't know what some of the unidentified phenomena seen by Navy pilots. After a lengthy back-and forth about what would happen to the Earth if an asteroid struck, Nelson said that he hoped it wasn't an enemy here on Earth with that type of technology.

I haven't even spoken about searching for extraterrestrial life before we leave. What do you think we are doing on Mars? Were looking for life. This is part of NASA's mission. This is what the telescope will be searching for. Nelson asked Larry Sabato, University of Virginias Center for Politics, if there are other planets where there is life. You know that what you have seen is what the Navy pilots saw in 2004. There have been about 300 sightings of this object since then.

Nelson stated that he had spoken to pilots who knew they saw something and their radars picked it up. Then all of a sudden, it was there." He pointed up, as he looked at the surface and then it was there."

They don't know what it looks like, and neither do we. We hope it is not an enemy here on Earth with that type of technology. It is something. This is why we are constantly searching for who, what and where it is. Who are we? How did we get to where we are today? How did we get to where we are today? How did we get here? How did we become civilized? He continued, "Are those the same conditions in a universe with billions and billions of suns in billions and galaxies it so vast I can't imagine it?"


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Sabato attempted to milk a clear stance from NASA administrator by pointing out a May episode on 60 Minutes about UFOs and commenting on speculations as to whether the sightings were caused or not by China, Russia, or extraterrestrial intelligent entities.

Nelson asked him what his theory was. There are many theories. If you had to choose, which one would you pick?

Nelson stated that he doesn't know the answer. Nelson said that I know that I think the universe is vast and that there may be other universes. He also suggested that there might be other planets. Because the universe is so vast, I believe so.

In June, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence conducted a short but eagerly awaited assessment of 144 UFO reports that were received from U.S. government sources between 2004-2021. Eighty of them were observed using multiple sensors. Most reports said the UFOs disrupted pre-planned military training and other military operations. According to the ODNI report, a few UFOs may have advanced technology. In 18 instances, 21 reports describe, observers observed unusual UAP movements or flight characteristics.

The intelligence community warned that UAP could be technologies being deployed by China, Russia or another country.

Navy pilots like Cmdr. Dave Fravor, Lt.Cmdr. Alex Dietrich and former Lt. Ryan Graves joined the former head U.S. governments Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, a former deputy secretary of defense intelligence. They all agreed that UFOs were real, but what exactly they are, was still a mystery.


The Freedom of Information Act allowed Navy videos to be released last year. They showed impressive aerial maneuvers and UFOs moving at amazing speeds. One video, which featured the Nimitz incident, was recorded in November 2004. The other two videos, in which Navy pilots can be heard disbelieving, were taken in January 2015. The Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets captured all three videos, while the Pentagon is working to verify the authenticity of several other UFO videos.

John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, spoke out about the existence of UFOs in December on a podcast. He said that some of the phenomena that people will be witnessing are still unexplained and could be the result of something we don't yet know. In a June interview, John Ratcliffe, former Director of National Intelligence, stated that UFOs are real and claimed they display technology that the United States doesn't possess or lacks the ability against.

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