Texas police have arrested a man on suspicion of murder for shooting to death a 31-year old man sitting in his car outside his Texas home.
Family and friends were outraged that no justice was being done or any information on the case had been released. The arrest occurred 11 days after Adil Dghoughi's fatal shooting.

Terry Duane Turner (65), is accused of confronting Dghoughi early on Oct. 11 with a gun and then shooting him through the driver’s-side window. Turner allegedly found a car in his driveway and chased Dghoughi, who was 31 years old, as he quickly backed out.

BuzzFeed News obtained an arrest affidavit stating that Turner stood on the driver's seat, tapped twice on the window, and fired once in the car. This struck Dhoughi in his head.

After the shooting, Turner said to a 911 dispatcher that he had "just killed a man". He raced away, and I chased him. He pointed a gun at my face and I fired.

However, despite Turner's statements, police stated that they did not find any weapons in the vehicle.

Dghoughi's family also raised concerns about the details of his arrest warrant, and wondered why it took police 11 days to arrest him.

BuzzFeed News reported that Dghoughi's brother Othmane Dghoughi said that they knew all this. "Why didn’t they arrest [him] then?"

Dghoughi's family and friends claimed that they were not informed about the case, the circumstances surrounding his death or why an arrest was not made for more than one week following the shooting.

BuzzFeed News was informed by Lt. Kyle McConnell on Oct. 22 that Turner had surrendered to Caldwell County sheriff officials under suspicion of murder.

According to the sheriff's statement, "Detectives have been working tirelessly on this investigation since Oct. 11th 2021," "Detectives conducted multiple interviews and executed multiple search orders during this investigation."