Clubhouse will soon let you pin links to the top of rooms

Clubhouse makes it easy for people to share links with others and make money from their work. Paul Davison, Clubhouse CEO, and Maya Watson, global head of marketing, announced today a new feature called pinned links. This allows moderators or administrators to place external links at the top or sides of a room. These links can be used to direct listeners to any moderators' desired content, such as a Patreon page or news article.
Some links will not be permitted for security or moderation reasons. Davison did not specify the specific types of links that would be prohibited, but suggested that onlyFans links wouldn't be accepted as porn links are prohibited. Anybody can add, modify, or remove links, as long as they are moderators of a room, and regardless of how many followers they have.

This feature will be available for Android and iOS on October 27th.

Although Clubhouse will not take a cut from any transactions made through the link, Davison stated that the team would likely share information in the coming months about how the app itself can monetize like ticketed rooms or subscriptions.