This gigantic resort shaped like the Moon is the next best thing to space travel

This resort, shaped like the Moon, is the next best thing about space travel
If you don't have the funds to pay $250,000 for a rocket ship that will take you to the Moon in 90 minutes, this resort is the best option.

The MOON resort is a project of Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson. It will be situated inside the largest sphere in the world, measuring 650 feet in diameter by 735 feet high. It's not just about how it looks. The resort will be designed to look like the Moon from the outside. But inside, it's all about providing visitors with an extraordinary experience that doesn't require them to travel to outer space.

You will find just about anything you could want in the resort's 6.4 million square feet.

Four hundred five-star hotel suites without windows

An alien spaceship-themed nightclub

A wellness center


A center for events that can accommodate up to 5,000 persons

A convention center



A swimming pool

The lunar colony is the cherry on top of this multi-billion-dollar resort project. Guests will have the opportunity to walk on a replica of the Moon's surface so that they can feel the lunar experience.

There will be a shuttle system that will take you around the hotel to get to the lunar surface. It is located on the top floor.

Currently, there are four Moon resorts planned around the globe. Talks have started about one being built in Las Vegas and one in Dubai. It's hard to imagine a luxury resort so large and shaped like the Moon that it would not be a fitting fit.

Although there is no current date for construction or opening of the MOON resorts yet, you can still share your love for the Moon with others. You can also visit this incredible replica of the Moon by Luke Jerram, a UK-based artist. You can also just relax by the fireside with a TinTins Destination Moon copy. We promise you'll feel transported.


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