‘You Are the Father’: Court Confirms Bow Wow Is the Father of 1-Year-Old Boy He Denied

Bow Wow, a rapper, has been confirmed as the biological father of his baby after he seemingly deleted Stone Moss's tweets a month ago. The documents were obtained by gossip site The Neighborhood Talk.

Bow Wows son Stone Moss. Olivia Sky, Bow Wow. (Photos: @olivia.sky/Instagram, @shadmoss/Instagram)

HELL NO im fine w shai! https://t.co/b13XCfde9s Bow Wow (@smoss) September 17, 2021

The Oct. 22 posting reads: It is the Judgment by this Court that STONE KAMIN, the child of the parties, was born in 2020. Respondent Shad Moss is hereby declared the legitimate son of STONE KAMIN (Child), and is capable of inheriting from Respondent in exactly the same way as if he were born in lawful marriage. The Child will be called STONE MOSS, and the Department of Vital Statistics will show the Child's birth certificate to include Respondent.

Bow Wow claimed his son before and spent time with him. However, it wasn't until Friday, Sept. 17, that he started changing his tune on Twitter. When asked about his children's well-being, he refused to acknowledge Shai Moss, his oldest child. When someone asked him if he had a son, he replied with cryptic comments like NP Billie Jean NP which stands for "now playing".

NP Billie jean for the 2nd time https://t.co/0eqZHnMSTz Bow Wow (@smoss) September 17, 2021

This public denial was made on the same day Olivia Sky, Stones' mother, filed for support. Although Bow Wow didn't explicitly state that Sky was seeking child support, it seems more likely that this was due to the circumstances with his first child's mother.

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Joie Chavis (the mother of Shai) stated earlier this year on her Youtube channel, that she doesn't need child support from any of her children's fathers.

Bow Wow attempted to correct his statements weeks after he was criticized by social media users and gossip bloggers for allegedly disowning his son. In an interview that appeared on Instagram earlier this month, he stated, For some reason with him but I don't know why but I am very protective. His Billie Jean response was basically me saying, Yes, I see the question, but as of right now Im really cleaning out the crib and we are just playing these 90s songs. It was actually what I was listening too at the time, I swear.

He said that he wouldn't backtrack on his claim to his child, especially since he had spoken about it on Growing Up Hip Hop.

Fans are continuing to scream at Bow Wow despite the fact that he is the biological dad. He was called Goofy of this year by one person, while another said, Boy, these n-ggas aint sh*t.

Another commented, "One day my baby boy will come across blogs and read all about how to disown a child for money." It is heartless.

The news was not received by Olivia Sky or Bow Wow.