A man was 'covered' in poop after a passing plane dumped toilet waste over his backyard, lawmaker says

One parish councillor stated that the unfortunate situation was due to an aircraft malfunction or insufficient service of the plane toilets. Getty Images
Unknown to him, a man was in Windsor, England when raw sewage fell from the heavens.

A local councilor stated that his whole garden, umbrellas and him were covered in poop.

Although it is possible for frozen sewage to fall from the sky, this unfortunate event is rare.

A man was basking in the sun in Windsor, southeast England, when a plane dropped waste from its toilets over him and his garden furniture. This was according to a local councilor who spoke at a recent meeting.

According to minutes of Royal Borough of Windsor, Maidenhead's most recent aviation forum, the unfortunate incident in which a plane "discharged wastewater" occurred in July.

"His entire garden was splattered," Karen Davies, Clewer East ward councilor, stated during the October 14 meeting. The local lawmaker said that he was in his garden at the moment and it was a horrible, terrible experience.

Davies explained that the "whole garden and garden umbrellas, as well as him", were "covered in poop." She said, "It's absolutely terrible."

Davies stated that frozen sewage is often dropped along flight paths every year. Windsor is located on the flight path to London Heathrow Airport which is approximately 8 miles from the historic city.

The Sun reported in June that locals in Portsmouth, south England were "terrified" by "frozen poops" falling from the sky.

Davies stated that raw sewage lands in the backyards of people is rare. Another councilor suggested that it might be due to the warmer summer.

Geoff Paxton from Whitfield, a parish councilor, has been working with airlines for over 40 years. He said that what happened was "so uncommon" and something he hadn't seen in a while. Geoff Paxton, a Whitfield parish councilor, said that toilets on planes today are vacuum-secured and usually reliable because they rely on pressure suction to function. This unfortunate event must have been caused by an aircraft failure or inadequate service.

According to Maidenhead Advertiser the Windsor resident could not claim insurance due to the low cost of the damage.

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