How Eternals Helped Brian Tyree Henry Get His Mojo Back

Eternals is a cast that includes Angelina Jolie, Don Lee and Ma-dong Seouk from Korea. Many would have expected Brian Tyree Henry, the voice of Miles Morales' father Jefferson, to appear in an MCU movie. Henry was the Eternals' resident genius Phastos, and one of the first openly gay characters in the MCU. He felt energized by the opportunity to play a black superhero. His life also influenced his present experiences.


Henry spoke at a recent film press conference about how news of black Americans dying in America has been affecting his mental health. Henry, who is like the other Eternals has a no interference rule which means that theyve seen humankind at its worst for centuries, connected with Phastos' optimism that led to him having a family. The thing I loved most about Phastos was his choice to love even though he was Eternal and could never die. He hopes the film will show that his renewed faith in humanity can be seen. We can still love and bind, and that's what Chlo demonstrated.

Marvel did not want Henry to alter his body. This was another thing that helped Henry. Henry was hesitant about accepting the role because Kumail Nanjiani, his co-star, had to undergo a dramatic transformation to portray the bombastic Kingo. He didn't have to alter anything about himself and is proud to be able to inspire new generations of fans to look up to him. It's something I have never felt before, and it just triggered my 11-year old self to see myself in these movies.

Marvels Eternals is released November 5.

[via /Film]

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