Google will finally give meeting hosts the power of making people shut up

It has happened to all of us. It happens to everyone.
Both are terrible, but Google finally has a solution: Meet hosts allow anyone to shut up about their opinions.

This new feature, which was shared the news on the Google Workplace blog, will allow meeting hosts to have more control over the audio and video feeds of participants for smoother, better meetings. This change is made possible by an audio/video lock that can be toggled on/off by the host.

Meeting hosts can turn on the ability to mut everyone in the room and also turn off their video. They can also prevent people from turning off or unmuting their video until the host tells them so.

They can also selectively muffle individual people's audio and video at their discretion. This is basically an online version of the scene in The Matrix, where Neo's mouth is made to disappear so that he can't make his telephone call.

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If the host turns audio lock on, people using Google Meet with older devices or operating systems that don’t support it (there is a list on the Workplace blog). They will be kicked out straight away. If audio lock is turned on by the host and someone attempts to join the meeting from an unsupported device they will be blocked.

Google Meet has not been updated in a while. It's long since there was one that was as conducive to drama and workplace productivity. Friendships will be broken, feelings will be hurt. Officially, the game has been changed. Enjoy the new feature everyone. Please use mute responsibly.